Feedback beta 0.8.3


I will take the bugs I've repored  with some new additions I've found so far. I'd like to mention that the alt-tab issues seem to be fixed, as I do not experience any issues with that since today.

New bugs:

  • Euphoric Glands in the Single DPS tree describes a 10% heal with each one hit kill. I found that this is probably 1%.

  • Eviscerate from the chainsword and eviscerator weapons lists Single Target twice when you mouseover the skill

  • The Tartarus IV world in the Aethon system has an empty world image

  • the Armoury of Zeal perk does not seem to work, at least not with a void shield. in battle, it still consumes supplies rather than Zeal.

status of previously reported issues in this post (0.8.1) and this post (0.8.2b):

  • Onehanded pistols are placed sideways
    • status: issue persists in 0.8.3
  •  Cultist rampager mobs were just standing there with green lasers, not attacking with weapons
    • status: issue persists in 0.8.3
  • Sentry guns can bleed
    • status: issue persists in 0.8.3, unsure whether intended
  • Execute of the Greataxe gets stuck when used in close range
    • status: issue persists in 0.8.3
  • Pillars in the corridors are often invisible
    • status: haven't seen this occur in 0.8.3, probably solved.
  • Oath papers on Crusader armor stretch
    • status: issue persists in 0.8.3
  • Hunt rebel mission (tarot) continuously crashed
    • status: solved, haven't experienced crashes since.
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Feedback beta 0.8.3
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