Feedback beta 0.8.1


Hi Neocore,

Since the launch of 0.8.1, I've been keeping track of some findings while playing the beta. With this, I'd like to share them with you, I will update this post accordingly in the upcoming two weeks.

First some things I liked:

  • I like the fact you've taken out the double leveling system ( inq level and acc level) . It was a unique feature, though it complicated things. This does prevent one to fill in the entire character build when creating an alt character. This lenghtens the amount of hours I will put into the game, which is a good thing.
  • I love the missions. The fluff pieces with data slates are a good addition, and take out the 
  • Good job on the overall scenery within the missions, they really bring out a good vibe.
  • I've noticed that the charge attack of the greataxe is no longer AOE. At first I didn't like this, though that balances out other options, since the axe was so rediculously roflstomp mode. I'll leave it at that :)
  • The voice dialogue is good. quick mention: I've noticed that the term "gellar field" (warp-shielding) was pronounced differently than I'm used to in the horus heresy audiobook series. I'm not sure which is correct (really going into the details here :o)

I'd also like to point out some bugs I found:

  • With the first startup, I was rocking 150 FPS while experiencing weird stuttering black frames. I fixed this by disabling steam overlay. This might be a good one for the workaround section, if not there already.
  • Onehanded pistols are placed sideways when being held in combination with a shield or sword. This was in the alpha too, was surprised to find it in the beta still.
  • The new cultist rampager mobs were just staring at me with a green laser from their heads("all I asked for were sharks with frikkin' laserbeams attached to their heads!"), while just standing there. While they might feel invincible rocking a green laser, I could wreck them without opposition. You might want to motivate these guys to actually attack me when I arrive.
  • Sentry guns can bleed. However useful for bleed based builds, I found this a bit weird. You might be able to sell this as " bleeding oil", though unconvincing.
  • The shop was trying to sell me a Bolt Pistol MKII recipe, wheras I already found this recipe in a loot box somewhere. I thought that the shop should reduce its recipes towards the ones you don't have yet, though unsure about rare ones. With this unsure whether this was intended.
  • The charge attack (Execute) of the Greataxe gets stuck sometimes when used while directly next to your target.

Lastly, I'd like to submit some suggestions for improvement:

  • The boltgun feels a bit sluggish (ba-dum-tiss). Originally, a weapon designed for Astartes, with heightened physioligy, and should fit their quick responses within combat. In the lore, multiple shots could be fired within a split second. Though I am aware that these Inquisitors are not Astartes, It still feels like a weapon which is way slower than it should be. I'd like to see its attack speed increased, and might need some small damage corrections in turn to balance it out.
  • While creating my character, the chat screen popped up constantly while trying to read the class descriptions. The chat screen pops up over the class description field, which prevents me from reading the class description. I'd like to suggest to auto-hide the chat screen in the character creation screen, especially for new players who are unaware of the chat window controls.

All in all; I am very impressed with the improvements you've applied since alpha. Keep up the good work! VULKAN LIVES

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Feedback beta 0.8.1
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6 years 58 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, really useful!