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Something I've noticed since update 0.8.0, is the UI on the mouse...

The pointing finger to gather items up seems out of proportions for me, and annoys me, and I know it's not something that usually bothers others. But, I am a person who usually notice small bits of changes...

In update 0.7.x the cursor was more in theme with the game, sharp, and not so soft like in update 0.8.x. The new ones feels too soft and not really in fitting, like the odd hand shape when collecting items, nor the skull loading cursor, due to their soft design, by soft I mean it's like the cursor comes from another game.

I know it's small, but something that personally bugs me, and would most likely see if it's possible to use the old cursor icons from 0.7.x unlike now, in addition that it's a bit hard to point out what I'm trying say...

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Small option
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5 years 8 days ago
Thanks for your feedback! Until (if) it gets changed, you can scale the cursor in the Options.