maps, reporting bugs & skulls


Had a quick go tonight and 3 things.

1. the maps.

The in game map that you can bring up is totally useless. It doesn't accurately tell you where abouts you are. at several point while playing I looked at the map and it told me that I was right off the map in the black.

This wasn't a problem in the last version. So my question is will it be sorted before launch in 4 days?

2. Reporting Bugs.

So when I tried to report the bug in game the window that opened couldn't be used and couldn't be closed down so I had to Alt F4 to quit the game and all the progress I had made on that level was lost.


I noticed that you have an event going. Collect 50 skulls and get a reward.

Considering that launch is right round the corner whats the point of this event? If I complete the task will the reward be carried over? The reason I ask this is as we all know you're doing a complete wipe again and all progress will be lost. So again, whats the point of the even?

Still loving the game.

Cant wait for full release.

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maps, reporting bugs & skulls
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4 years 119 days ago

i am one of the unlucky ones having to uninstall and download again. dl doesnt take tooo long but yeah kind of feels like i lost haha

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4 years 119 days ago
Servers are already up again.

You just need to patch

4 years 119 days ago
nah i was really actively looking for it but somehow it didnt show as new topic ( greyed out box ) ^^ after that post i actually read the thread titles :P 

cant log in anyway so it matters even less XD

4 years 119 days ago
It has literally 2 post's i mean the post itself and the patch notes lead to it to :D

But glad you found it ;P

I think when ppl are happy about event/cool stuff happen they often dont read it very closely^^

4 years 119 days ago

where do you find these event news lol i check both forums ( on steam and here ) and there is nothing ?

*** edit ***

found it XD

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4 years 119 days ago
thanks for the reply, glad you've noticed this problem.

hopefully itll be fixed on release.

4 years 120 days ago
Yeah i hope Neocore games is aware fo the "shifted" map bug. The minimap itself seems to be somehow "correct" but the position of enemies and your Inquisitor seems to be shifted.

But this bug is not "new", it is since 0.8.0 (its especially often in Tarot and Story missions, but i guess it can happen in all missions)

I also replied to you in the actual event news. Your 3rd questions is answered completely in the event news itself, just read it more carefully^^