Tarantula Turret AI


I'm playing a Crusader, currently level 21 with the bottom half of the support tree filled out. I rely on turrets, but I've noticed they are very dumb and don't always engage nearby enemies. Sometimes their slow turning speed is to blame, but other times they simply don't target enemies.

As an aside, it seems odd that their health doesn't scale with my level. Currently they are glass cannons for me, so I have to be very careful with their deployment so they don't get one-shotted.

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Tarantula Turret AI
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3 years 233 days ago
made a post about this same issue few days ago hopefully they do some fine tuning before release but its probably not high on list at the moment they have some othere issues on there list

3 years 233 days ago
I always try to drop them with anticipation instead of need. It seems they need a second or two to get their bearings straight. Sometimes, not always, you get that one that just devastates everything in site. Others just get one shotted. Go figure.
3 years 234 days ago
I see the same with tarantulas brought in via world skills. They are just too slow to be useful...