DoT duration increase still bugged


Back in 2.0.0.c I reported DoT duration increase mechanics didn't impact poison duration and testing a flame build today (Season of the Inferno patch), I see DoT duration mechanics still not working. Character sheet says 'Bonus DOT duration to skill' is +5' (5 what? seconds I hope) and I have a Volkite Psalm for 100% more DoT duration but all Heavy flamer DoT's still fall off after 3 seconds.

Either I don't understand the mechanic or I believe this is bugged. Wouldn't a single socket'd Volkite Psalm make flame Dot's change from a 3 second duration to 6? Do the Psalm have to be in the weapon itself to increase duration or may it be in any item? I will test some more.

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DoT duration increase still bugged
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4 years 16 days ago
Brother Kundari

If it's trying to extend the duration of a DoT, I would believe so. I had not tested with Hyper-rad Psalm + Haemo-drain Psalm + Binharic Psalm + Hermeticon Psalm + Voltagheist Psalm but will later.

4 years 16 days ago
Does this also affect/concern the Psalm-Code Doctrines Combo(s)?
4 years 16 days ago
I will discuss these issues with our designers, thanks for the report!
4 years 17 days ago
I'm on ps4 and the dot duration isn't working either. At least not fully. Playing a psyker.