2.0.0.c Bug Listing by Steel


PC Version bugs I've encountered.

1) No porgress bars when activating the terminal or the artifact in 'Secure the Artifact' Void Crusade mission.

2) Psalm combination 'Nova Psalm + Volkite Psalm + Transonic Psalm' in a 3 socket Power Sword for 'Killing a Shocked enemy creates an explosion causing Shock and dealing damage equal to Damage from the killing blow' doeasn't proivde the intended combination effect.

3) The Tarot modifier 'Upon death enemy has a 25% chance to spawn a daemon' is really a 100% chance upon death to spawn. Also, killing the nurgling eggs always spawn a Plagueridden Medium Nurgle enemy. Not sure if that was intended but certainly makes for an interesting encounter. I don't mind if this never changes but would need to update the Tarot text :)

4) A lvl 87 Void Crusade mission has XP reward of 1,163 XP which seems wrong as lvl 81 requires 176,124 XP to level.

5) Receiving Ancient Relics with no attributes.

6) Salvaging an Ancient Relic yields 1 spark of glory instead of the 3 as indicated by the Salvageable Materials box.

7) Reporting a bug from the in-game menu doesn't appear to work as the login always fails. I can login via the site (outside of the game) just fine.

8) Blueprints you own should be shown in the shop (Ragna Van Wynter) with a red 'X' on them so people don't blindly purchase ones they already learned.

9) Tarot card reward modifier math seems off still. A mission with a base glory reward of 20 goes up to 35 when adding a +50% to all rewards card. Adding a +50% Glory reward to that further increases the final amount to 45 so the increase worked as intended for a card which specifically increases Glory.

10) +100% DOT duration Psalm does not work. Tested on a Powersword and the poison duration is still 5 seconds.

11) Uther's Tarot card's are looted as both common and rare items but have the same consumable effect.

12) Minor Arcana Tarot card Murder has a Hazard which affects enemy Champions but still provides hazards to things other than Champions (Such as Bonus Damage to Medium enemies).

13) Items increasing DOT and Poison DOT duration not increasing the duration of poison. In particular, Serpent Strike for a Power Sword. Between a psalm and gear I have +166% DOT duration but the poison from Serpent Strike still lasts 5 seconds.

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2.0.0.c Bug Listing by Steel
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5 years 22 days ago
Thank you for the response, I enjoy the game a lot and would like to see it grow. Please add an indicator on the Bug Reporting link in-game or on the site your directed to indicating this. I imagine your team see a lot of failed login attempts due to the possible confusion.
5 years 23 days ago
Reporting a bug requires a new account creation since the website is different from this one. 

Thank you very much for the long list, we took note of every one of them, some will be tested while some have been forwarded as suggestions.