Tarot +928% Damage Penalty!?


I think you messed up: Tarot +928% Damage penalty! 

Thats just unplayable. Did you even test the 2.0 before you released it? If you did, fire your testers!


Why the H E double hockey sticks would anyone want to set the difficulty to that? Huh. Give me a good reason...

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Tarot +928% Damage Penalty!?
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5 years 22 days ago
To further clarify, normal missions cap out at level 70 for the time being. Playing this card is necessary at level 90 to raise the base level of the mission.
5 years 22 days ago
Maybe YOU should try to read the description of this tarot card more carefully!

The one you used SETS THE MISSION LEVEL TO 70!

The level of the mission is colored in DEEP RED because YOU are only Level 55!

5 years 23 days ago

Please note that your level is 55 while the level of the mission is 70. As you level up you can make use of this Tarot card as well!

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