Game breaking bug please help


Hey Guys, still stuck on chapter 2, saving Caius Thorn. Search for the Magos Biologis at 3 possible locations.

I followed the campaign marker to all 3, each was completed and had the same ending, then no more mission markers and still saying search at 3 possible locations. Everything else works but can't progress the campaign.

Xbox Gamertag: Brimetime8810

Character: Andrus  (LVL 46 assault l Crusader)

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Game breaking bug please help
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1 year 34 days ago
We will check this, thank you!
1 year 34 days ago
I have found a visual bug when a skulltaker enemy does a certain attack it looks like a pixelated mess on a base ps4.I am unsure if this is only on the ps4 or I if it's on all platforms.
1 year 35 days ago
We fixed the issue please check on your character.