Out now on Steam:

King Arthur: Knight's Tale



Today we welcome you to Avalon - the dark fantasy role-playing tactical game King Arthur: Knight's Tale is out now on Steam! Play as Mordred, gather allies and rebuild Camelot. Find a way to defeat the mad, undying King Arthur to save Avalon!

With the release, the game is leaving Early Access, and anybody who participated can now freely upgrade to the full version. Check your Steam updates, restart if necessary.

The final version of the game includes:

  • The complete campaign in four story acts
  • More than thirty playable heroes of five different classes
  • More than fifty unique missions
  • Seven different enemy factions with fifty types of enemies
  • Fully upgradable Camelot
  • Complete Morality Chart with four alignments and unique rewards
  • High level endgame, unlocked after finishing the story
  • Steam achievements

Kickstarter-backers please see the post about your rewards here. Newcomers should take some moments to familiarize themselves with this tactical role-playing game - you might find our posts here useful, such as our updated FAQ, Feature Recap, our Tips and Tricks and detailed posts about the Morality Chart and Classes. Join our Discord-server or check out the Fextralife Wiki for extra knowledge.

If you experience any kind of technical difficulty, please reach out to us over at [email protected] or on the Steam forums. Even if we can't reply immediately, rest assured that we are collecting and organizing feedback for our next updates.

With all that said, have fun and crush the enemies of Camelot! 

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Out now on Steam: King Arthur: Knight's Tale
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