Content Update for Inquisitor - Season of the Inferno | June 25 | PC


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr will be released. The updates will be applied automatically after the scheduled maintenance and when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. Please also note that during maintenance, players will be unable to login.

The Season of the Inferno has arrived!

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor's v2.3 update, released today, includes several long-requested additions to the game. The biggest of all is the new seasonal ladder - everyone starts on level ground, with a common goal: reach the highest tier in the shortest time, and reap the rewards. These goods include several cosmetic items, store discounts and high-quality gear. Coupled with the ladder, a new Void Crusade, Zircon has also been added to Inquisitor. A full overview of the new features can be found [here] - make sure to check it out to see the new mechanics, objectives and more.

Gameplay-wise, we implemented several changes: not only does the new main menu and the character creation screen come with a refreshed look, we have also increased the number of character slots to make room for the new heroes of the Inferno. Ancient Relics have received a name suffix based on their enchant to make them more distinguishable, and also come with an extra enchant slot for some extra performance.

For a more detailed look on what the new patch contains, take a look at the patch notes below!

Patch v2.3.0

New Features

New Void Crusade: Zircon

  • Collect 5 Zircon Void Shards to challenge the forces of Chaos and receive your righteous rewards. The Zircon Crusade is also available in Hardcore Mode.

Several new stat displays have been added to the Character sheet:

  • Reflect Chance
  • Reflect Damage
  • Suppression Damage Reduce
  • Loot Quantity bonus
  • Loot Quality bonus
  • Bonus Experience gain
  • DOT Damage bonus
  • Burn DOT Damage bonus
  • Poison DOT Damage bonus
  • Bleed DOT Damage bonus
  • Energy Shield Effectiveness


  • Two additional Character slots are available for all players
  • Reworked the entire Main Menu and the Character Creation process
  • From now on, the last deleted character can be restored in the Main Menu
  • Added a new connection between two Azure Void Crusade Missions for a shortcut
  • From now on active Cabals can be listed in the searches which will make finding a new Cabal easier.  A Cabal will be considered 'active' if its Grandmaster has logged into the game in the last 14 days
  • Applications to a Cabal can be cancelled now
  • Updated the description under the Glory window to be more informative
  • The various thresholds of the Critical Strength are now displayed in its tooltip under the Character sheet


Ancient items

The following changes will apply to newly acquired Ancient Relic items:

  • Ancient items will have one additional enchant slot now, making the total number of slots 5
  • The items have now received a distinctive name to make it easier for players to decide if they want to unlock them
  • All ancient item enchants got revised, several new and unique enchants have been added
  • Ancient items now always roll maximum values on their enchants based on the item level


  • Attack anchor
    10% /second, up from 5% /second (the max value is unchanged)
  • Augmented Body 2
    No Suppression damage removed, added 50% Max Suppression and 25 Suppression Damage Resist, and no longer disables HP regeneration
  • Enhanced attrition
    Gives 150% DoT up from 50%, but now also gives -50% damage for everything that is not a DoT
  • Heatsinks
    Heat Damage bonus increased from 15 to 25%
  • Persistent attrition
    Now Blinds the enemy instead of giving a flat damage debuff
  • Self Mortification 
    Now gives 0.75% damage bonus for each percentage of missing class resource
  • Subdermal Plating
    Previous effect removed, added 12% Damage reflect chance and 50% Damage Reflect
  • Close quarters gunnery
    Added multiple damage levels, starting from the old behavior, scaling up to 75% damage when the enemy is in melee range.
  • Rabble Slayer 
    Gives 60% Damage Bonus increased from 20%
  • Stride of the blessed
    30% Movement speed up from 25%, DR debuff also increased from -5 to -10

Energy Shield system

Energy Shield mechanics reworked. Shield behavior moved into 2 statistics:

  • Energy shield: The regenerating, permanent part which can be gained either from the Deflector Field belt item or the Puritan Perk
  • Shield charge: Acts as a refill for Energy shield but it can overflow creating a consumable "healthbar". Can be gained from "on-hit" "on-crit" etc. type of effects. Shield charge can be gained even without using a Deflector field or Puritan Perk, but on its own it does not regenerate
  • There is a third supplementary effect "Shield regen" that determines the speed at which your permanent shield is recharging. It is always a percentage and an additive statistic. Energy Shields from the Puritan Perk and Deflector field regenerate 1% shield value/sec until they reach their maximum shield value

Personal Void Shield

  • Now gives a massive - item level*100- points worth of Shield charge boost. It can be stacked up practically indefinitely but it doesn't regenerate

Deflector Field

  • Now gives item level*25 Energy Shield, 1%/sec Shield regen, 25% Reflect chance and 100% Reflect damage for 60 seconds
    Added a maximum cap to Energy charge of 15 000


  • The Enunciator Heroic Deed is available for every class now which unlocks the 'Stride of the Blessed' perk
  • Enemy HP and Damage scaling has been significantly improved, from lvl 70 the game gets gradually harder and harder. Added enemy levels up to lvl 120
  • Enemy Suppression scaling has been improved while the player's suppression damage dealt is no longer affected by the negative modifiers of mission level difficulty
  • Armour items rescaled: Now all armours give higher Damage reduce values at lower levels and lower values at maximum item level. Crusader armours also give HP now
  • Increased the value of Energy Shield, Suppression and HP enchants to varying degree
  • From now on Vulnerability stacks count as a single Debuff/ stack
  • Reborn Marauder now spawns fewer Toxic entities on death
  • Triple shot psalm doctrine now gives -30% crit chance instead of -50% damage bonus
  • Enchants providing HP regeneration have been increased by about 50-80%
  • HP gain per hit type enchants have been increased. Mostly affects the endgame
  • The Suppression regeneration have been increased by 50-80%
  • Damage bonus enchants for Psychic Power schools increased by 30% and now count as primary enchants
  • Removed Strong vs Armored tag from the Lasgun shot skill of the Tarantula turret
  • Removed execution related enchants from the Tech Adept and Psyker items, and warp damage related enchants from items used by the Tech Adept
  • Lowered the internal cooldown of the Bolter Shoot skill of the Tarantula turret from 3 sec to 2.2 sec
  • The Cognis Protocol Heroic Deed received an additional adjustment
  • Changed the Critical Strength value thresholds
  • Added Suppression damage reduce affixes, and a 75% hard cap for its maximum value

Several new enchants have been implemented into the game:

  • Missing Telekinetic kind of enchant has been added
  • HP percentage
  • Suppression damage reduce major
  • Suppression damage reduce godlike
  • Loot quality minor
  • Loot quantity major
  • Damage Bonus for Area of Effect major
  • Damage reflect major
  • Damage reflect chance major
  • XP bonus


  • Added Weapon damage for construct weapons. Since it counts as a “base damage” for all construct skills, to keep it balanced Kataphron Destroyer’s and Kastelan Robot’s weapons intentionally give half the damage as they have two separate weapon modules, but the overall damage is the same as their single weaponed counterparts
  • The Constructs' HP and Damage internal scaling were buffed to varying degree
  • Hp regen module now gives % Hp regeneration instead of flat regen to increase its usefulness in the late game. Using HP and regen as a base for tanking is a valid tactic now
  • The Kastelan's base HP scaling was toned down by about 12.5%, as it benefited more than any other construct from the previous changes
  • The Kataphron Destroyer's base HP scaling increased by about 15%, as it benefited less from the changes than other constructs. It aims faster with the Grav-Gun now
  • The Necromechanic Rainment no longer has a cast delay

The following enchants can be found now on various items equipped by the Tech Adept:

  • Ranged/Melee Damage bonus for Constructs
  • Physical/Heat Damage bonus for Constructs
  • Damage bonus for every kind of Construct Skills
  • Physical/Heat Damage bonus for Constructs
  • Suppression Damage Bonus for Constructs
  • Base Damage for Constructs
  • Debuff-based damage bonus (eg. “against bleeding”) for Constructs
  • Movement Speed for Constructs
  • Movement Speed for the Tech Adept
  • Base HP for Constructs
  • Damage Reduction/Resists for Constructs
  • % HP bonus for all Constructs
  • Flat HP regen for all Constructs

The following enchants can be found now on Construct modules

  • Construct Damage against debuffed enemies
  • Construct Damage in crowd
  • Construct Damage alone
  • Construct Damage for specific Construct skills
  • Construct Flat Hp enchants (stacks with % Hp on the modules) 
  • Ranged/melee damage
  • Damage resist
  • Shield

DoT changes

  • DoT Suppression damage dealt increased from 0.2 to 0.5
  • Enchants related to DoT damage have been seriously buffed (300-600%)
  • They tick every 0.5 sec instead of every sec, making on-tick effects much more reliable, also being able to deliver just the right amount of damage in time (less overkill)

Reflect behavior reworked

  • All reflect effects have been moved into 2 stats: Reflect chance and Reflect % damage
    Note: Reflect does not negate the incoming damage but hits back, so it's more of an offensive stat
  • Reflect chance: the chance of hitting back, on damage taken
  • Reflect % damage: Cap removed, now can be stacked indefinitely, hits back for a percentage of the incoming damage
    Note: Reflect chance and Reflect damage don't work without each other

Fixed bugs

  • Several stability improvements and fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Personal Void Shield and the Fiery Form dropped off if a cutscene was triggered
  • The Archeotech Shotgun has now 14 ammunition up from 12
  • Fixed the "HP and Suppression gained on Kill equal to +100% the killing blow's Damage" enchant
  • Fixed an issue where the upgrade option appeared under Tarot Empyrean Seals which cannot be upgraded in the first place
  • Corrected the translation of 'Exposed State' in the German localization as it was misleading
  • Fixed the Deflector Field's tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where Tarot card consumables could also be used on locked Tarot cards
  • Fixed an issue where the Extreme Fortune consumable sometimes did not affect the loot drop chances
  • Implemented an extra check for the Efficient Operative achievement
  • When sending a message from the terminal on the Command Bridge it was not possible to attach Construct modules to the message. This has been fixed.
  • Toxic entity was not properly classified as a chaos demon. This has been corrected.
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Content Update for Inquisitor - Season of the Inferno | June 25 | PC
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3 years 193 days ago
3 years 193 days ago
They already said that, for how long the Season will last from the beginning. It will last for at least 4 months and MAYBE even longer.

So there will be a good time having a chance for finishing all Challenges/Tiers.

3 years 194 days ago

When the end of the Season of the Inferno? (PC version)

3 years 211 days ago
Jason Yang

I agree, Protected state gear passives are pointless now. And it's silly to use valuable skill points on the suppression skill tree when you can lose all the benefits the moment you drop out of protected state.

I doubt the suppression protections will help since they're capped at 75%, if I'm reading this change correctly:
"Added Suppression damage reduce affixes, and a 75% hard cap for its maximum value"

Essentially, any build that depended on 100% uptime on "Protected State" is pretty much useless now.
I'm not sure ranged crusader builds are even that worthwhile anymore? I didn't have much luck myself with the zero-crit builds using the Grinder perk. But maybe I was missing some things there.
Regardless, I don't feel like redoing all my gear because they changed the perk.

3 years 228 days ago
Posted by Niksonye 3 years 228 days ago

so i was wondering how the hell you do Tier 3 - Thorough crusade season task aka all keys and all info inside a void crusade in 60min?!?!?!?

Just the info you need, not all keys. Try amber, search a guide, will show locations of info.
3 years 228 days ago

so i was wondering how the hell you do Tier 3 - Thorough crusade season task aka all keys and all info inside a void crusade in 60min?!?!?!?

3 years 239 days ago
Ok, once more I say this since it happened to me once more. Is the 2nd time I say this now.

This bug needs to be fixed ASAP!

When pressing and holding F for downloading Data in Data Huint Missions, sometimes the Character gets locked into position unable to move, use skills, anything. Only thing that is possible to get, is damage. Which totally can and will break the game. Gamebreaker as it´s called.

It has never, ever been like this before, ever. This needs FIXING ASAP! Important!

3 years 239 days ago
i see,

but effect on kill always unstable,

should never take place in major source.

the regen from focus spend could be a choice,

but it might not able to keep you in stable proctected


like you said, it might not work with every build.

then we should have reasonable method for each

build. AB2 for every one might not good,

but it only worse if other build have no way to 

handle the problem

suppresion passive tree might better be reworked,

since there are not worthy if it not always active.

your insight of enrage use is actually very valueable.

that is a blind point of my sight.

i am interested with your idea of shotgun build.

are you plan to use man stop ammo all the time?

i do not think triple shot would work with other skill

of shotgun, since they count as aoe rather bullet.

the 10% chance to double damage and heal might

be better than explosive. could worth a try.

wish you have success on your build. it would be

a good inspire

3 years 239 days ago
I guess I can give a rough outline of my build for perspective.

It's Greatsword max crit build with enrage synergies, fully focused around Spinning Blow channeling.

Goes like this: (relic mods and doctrines)

Enrage on crit x1

Enrage on kill  x1

10% damage per enrage token/+1 enrage cost signum x2 (these are crazy powerful with spinning blow)

6% damage per enrage x1

Shock aura while enraged x1

Fear aura while enraged x1

Feared monsters deal 20% less damage x1

16% max hp healed on crit weapon

2% heal per focus point spent armor

2x +50% physical damage doctrine

1x +100% physical damage doctrine

1x +50% phyiscal damage/enemy physical resistance is halved doctrine

It can be improved, but this is what I have now, still looking to get archeotech greatsword with heal on crit mod for example so I can spin faster (no movespeed penalty while spinning)

I think passives should be focused around utility and crit chance mostly, as the lion share of the damage comes from gear anyway. I have heavy investment in crit/aoe/melee/defense trees and moderate in health/debuffs/physical. May revisit my passives, planning to hit 100 on this character during the weekend.

Perks are Feint Mastery, Crisis Management and Stride of the Blessed (the later is riskier... but gotta go fast).

Spinning Blow costs 1 enrage per channel, so you are always on 10 enrage tokens. The same or similar enrage build can work for whatever weapon, and if you want max crit with triple shot doctrine, just pick up a crit chance per enrage item and maybe drop the signums for different mods.

3 years 239 days ago
You're swapping out a lot of damage slots for suppression there and I already found 99% missions grindy even before the nerf to vulnerability stacks. Swapping out extra slots to mitigate suppression only makes that worse.

I'm interested to see your build.

The other issue is that the Crusader needed to be the best tank as it is the most "in the teeth of the action" class.  Assassins have a good hit and run dodge mechanic and powerful defensive armour abilities, psykers can stack huge DR (the psychic powers don't seem subject to the caps) and can easily teleport out of danger.  Even the Tech Adept can hide behind their minions.

All these things effectively mitigate damage including suppression damage.

I think a lot of people liked to play the crusader as a "tank and spank".  That just got a lot harder.

3 years 239 days ago
Jason Yang

There are plenty of way still to deal with supression in endgame. Imo, the easiest being the relic mod on armour that recovers 2% hp and supression per class resource spent, that fullheals you with a single Demolition Armour use.

What I did was picking up Crisis Management + Pain Supression with 16% max hp heal on crit weapon with Area Denial. I have 0 problems with supression since while void crusading doing full key runs. Of course that might not work for every build, but AB2 working for every build was silly. 

There is also Vanquisher of the Vile.

I also started crafting gear for a noncrit shotgun build. Right now I'm done with the weapon, a holy shotgun with "enemies explode on kill dealing +50% base damage" using the +30% base damage doctrine on it with 3 lifegain on hit shards + lifegain on hit and supression on hit roll for a total of 120 life and 60 supression on hit from ONLY that single item. Pair that with tripple shot, I'm hoping that alone can keep me up. With the changed crit strength tresholds, the change to tripple shot, I can see specific noncrit builds being competitve (there actually already were a few, dual bolt pistol and shield charge noncrit could easily deal with +10 content). It is for sure more gear intensive, especially since people won't be able to use their old crit gear. 

If you want to play crit triple shot, it is still doable with an enrage build, actually stronger than before.

Again, I think all the tools are available.

This comment was edited 3 years 239 days ago by Zodasmund
3 years 240 days ago

there are still suddenly unreasonable death issue when you face khorne,  also you die like

paper if you have such thing like none-crit build which almost have 0 recover-ability.

if you do not have AB2, then you will drained instantly and screwed, almost no way to

recover your suppression.

so it become 2 choice: completely by pass the suppression check, or

completely have no suppression

we have change like suppression reduction godlike, energy shield, improved

gain on hit now.  idk how it will be,  might a solution, or not.

as long as there are reasonable way to build around it, that will be fine

(actually, if new mechanic is useable, it might benefit tech priest, psyker,

assasin too )

one important part of classical arpg is build, which means your brain

before the battle rather than your finger in battle should play a big role

in it. since we can not re-roll the mission, a avialable build should be

able to face max enemy roll after avoid their strong counter(like disable crit,

or slower cooldown)

slow pace should come with more garrented reward, other wise

it become a long and painful gambit.

i do apperciate your feed back for +10 level mission, this is really

valueable, and that should be the enviroument to test avialability 

of builds. things will get more clear after more performance test

like that.

suppresion skill tree might be come useless if it is hard

to keep suppresion as green, if that so, this skill tree will need


also, if you like suddenly death, play cat mario, or rouge like game.

or some fps. even average of them, would beat master work of classical

arpg in such sense.


3 years 240 days ago
Jason Yang

I disagree. The game was very sleepwalky with the old Augmented Body 2. And there are workarounds for dealing with supression damage problems. Also, lets be honest, it's drawback was laughable, barely noticable at all.

I agree with grav weapons being OP, but I would rather nerf those than buff other types.

But that's just my opinion. I like my games to be more challanging. The reason I quit other ARPGs when I reached very late endgame levels was exactly that I could just sleepwalk through the games' hardest content while being completely immortal. The pace was too quick without real challange. I like that Inquisitor has a slower pace, and you need a more tactical approach. 

That said I have not tried Unholy Cathedral since the patch yet, but did void crusades. I actually did die once with the same reckless playstyle that I was used to in a +10ish lvl Ad Mech map that I rolled with way too many bonuses for champions. I was kinda glad about that. After that I adjusted my build accordingly to deal with supression damage. (I played a Greatsword Spinning Blow build btw, at lvl 99 atm)

I think all the necessary tools are avaiable still, sure it's a pain to change your builds that you farmed for, but it keeps things fresh.

This comment was edited 3 years 240 days ago by Zodasmund
3 years 240 days ago


A hotfix - v2.3.0b - just got released on PC fixing a couple of things. Here is the full list:

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue where the 2 extra Character slots were not available for players
  • Fixed an issue where the Inferno effect did not appear above the heads of enemy units in Coop
  • There were seasonal items available for non-seasonal characters. This has been fixed
  • Fixed the Augmented Body II perk
  • Fixed a Rare tier Signum which accidentally had a Relic enchant
  • Fixed an issue on the Cabal search feature
  • Fixed an issue where upon clicking on certain Cabals other Cabals' names appeared in the description
  • Fixed several strings
  • Removed a text in the Socketing process as it displayed wrong information
3 years 240 days ago

And yes, by the way...

Was it not plans for making 1-2 extra Inventory slots available for us to use?

I do remember something like this was at least discussed and mentioned some time back.

I would at least welcome that, if it were made available.

EDIT: Oh yeah, by the way. Clicking Van Wynter´s shop icon for selling all Basic Items does not work, I discovered also.

This comment was edited 3 years 240 days ago by Brother Kundari
3 years 240 days ago

I did notice something I never experienced before. And this could be a gamebreaker if it´s not properly checked.

In Missions where you are supposed to go download data, or at least where you are supposed to be Holding F down, on some occasions I actually got totally stuck, or you can call it locked position. With this I mean, I could not move in any direction, I could not use any Skills in any way, not move in any direction, I quite simply could not do anything at all. Well, except for taking damage, that is. Could be that I may have hit some other button as well, but not sure.

3 years 240 days ago
Try to restart Steam. If that did not help, verify the game's integrity.

@ZODASMUND‍  as we checked the doctrine's mechanism is just fine. The problem is its old description which was not updated correctly and the changes do not appear under the character sheet.
3 years 240 days ago
does inferno character still able to use their inferno mechanic after season?

3 years 240 days ago

tbh, none crit build are almost useless,  the build that have much difficult to face red level intel or 10+ difficult crusader mission are not worthy to be consider as avialable, they are just some random meme.  

unless the new heath/supprision on hit and energy shield can make it up, other wise it only make range build even more

weak.(the grav gun and grav pistol is op by the weapon mechanic, especially the armor break/ penetrate issue, nerf triple shot will not solve this, only make other bullet weapon worse)

Regarding the Augmented Body 2 change: I think this was the most important balance change that HAD TO BE DONE. The game was sleepwalking with that perk. Glad you reduced the damage reduction too, it was silly that slapping on an armour and  investing 2 points in the defense tree for skeletal padding capped DR. Now players are actually forced to make choices, and that's what's character building SHOULD be about.

ridiculours,  this change almost ruined the late game, since melee and auto weapon character will be constantly knock back

and slow to death.  only people enjoy this probably are those grav gun users since they just spam the channel ray and slow bubble.  same for the damage reduction. even before people can have stupid suddenly death from random no where.

this is not a choice, it only force player to invest harder in defense, which reduce the possiable choice.

(if you enjoy stupid suddenly death, go play rogue like or cat mario) .

the ammo issue for grenade launcher is already too much, shot gun deal shitty damage vs armor enemy,

heat weapon have too much over heat issue.

add some psm code or enchant to solve those problem could be a good choice

at least solve those problem first, before nerf the good build.

3 years 241 days ago
I've been trying to log into the game for the last two days. Martyr and Prophecy both. On exiting the opening cinematic, I get the sceen that says to update my game and refresh the steam client to log in. Both games have been updated, neither are showing up as needing an update in my download list, and both are running on priority updates in the Steam client. I still am unable to log in. What gives? 
3 years 241 days ago

"Triple shot psalm doctrine now gives -30% crit chance instead of -50% damage bonus"

This still doesn't work in game. (this is actually a huge buff for noncrit builds, and even for a crit build that uses a specific combination of relic enhancements)

Please fix this asap, I really want to play around with it :)

Regarding the Augmented Body 2 change: I think this was the most important balance change that HAD TO BE DONE. The game was sleepwalking with that perk. Glad you reduced the damage reduction too, it was silly that slapping on an armour and  investing 2 points in the defense tree for skeletal padding capped DR. Now players are actually forced to make choices, and that's what's character building SHOULD be about.

The only thing I'm missing from the game at this point are boss fights with specific boss mechanic. I mean, I like the chaos knight,  Fabious, and the Great Unclean One (the later two are among my favourite vilians from the lore even), but they are just beefier elites, and with top end builds they just get obliterated in a matter of seconds. I know it's a lot to ask for, but fans can hope. 

Your game has so much potential, and the 40k setting in my opinion is by far the best for any ARPG. I actually abandoned other games of the genre for it completely, I really hope you will keep it alive for a long time, so we can see it develope further and further.

Keep up the great work! 

3 years 241 days ago
It might not be the brightest idea introducing balancing (nerf and revised nechanics) and a new season at the same time. Seems like more ppl are struggling with bugs introduced as side effects... and it changes the out come of the season if mechanics need to be fixed during the season.
3 years 241 days ago
Thank you everyone for your feedback, every remark on the new changes will be taken into account in the future balance changes. 
3 years 241 days ago
i can see this season and balance change is encourage people

use heat weapon, but this is the issue:

heat weapon suck, it easily over heat as long as your skill

produce more than 1 heat per second, especially on plasma

cannon. if you can not wipe out enemy with last skill, the basic

shot and fast shot will face serious problem on regular and 

group enemy.  this is even worse on melta, which have very bad

survive ability and very poor performance vs group enemy.

even heavy flamer able to solve such issues, it have 0 armor penetrate,

make it completely fall hard in level 70+  red difficult mission.

the laser gun have same problem with auto gun,

aim skill is not worth to invest, due to its heat cost and slow active

the barage is good, but it kind make rapid and single shot useless,

while it have negative side for high heat cost.

swap weapon? that is even more stupid compare with a good gear

set melee or tech character, especially the extra grinding is costly

since we only have mostly 6 enchante slot, it is stupid to

give more than 2 skill boost rather than focus 1 skill

(flamer could be exception, since non-channel skill is too costly to use

frequently, while channel skill have no benefit from skill cooldown)

i kind want make a bolter/heavy bolter crusader for this season,

but that triple shot nerf is way too heavy and unreasonable,

make bullet weapon kind useless in late game without that

3 years 241 days ago
Jason Yang
I doubt the inferno effect can be utilized after the season since you have no generators on items  ito trigger it t but its a world event?! The 'reduced heat resistances' should work after though...
3 years 241 days ago

While a nerf Hammer always leaves a shallow taste since it ruins months of effort and millions of credits etc iinvested in a build, anything that makes this much too simple game more challenging is good though. Ofc new gameplay mechanics that make you WANT to change instead of FORCED to would be better.  Crusader especially melee was never the most OP class and the armor nerf hits him  naturally the most, while for range builds idea further reduced the difference  between assasin and crusader except the weapon type choice.

This comment was edited 3 years 241 days ago by BYCROM
3 years 241 days ago
Same, I wonder if it's a mere graphical glitch and the perk works as expected or not, because before respeccing in defense tree I was constantly suppressed/overwhelmed during a +1 only mission (ok it was a mission with Adeptus Mechanicus robots, they suppress like hell, and after respec things fortunately went much more smoothly, but still).
3 years 241 days ago
to be honest, all the "xx bonus when supprison is green" become trash now, and i wonder if heavy flamer and heavy bolter still useable after this huge nerf on supprison in crusader, they will be constantly interrupted by all knock back effect, and build a 100% immue knock back seems immposiable and way too difficult 
3 years 241 days ago
after the season end, does inferno character still have their bonus from inferno effect?

this will decide whether those inferno enchant is a 3 month-only consume item or permant choice of build

3 years 241 days ago
Also I'm not sure if it's a display error, but supression damage reduction on the character sheet only changes from 0% to +0% when I take Augmented Body 2
3 years 241 days ago

The tripple shot doctrine is still the same as it used to be, just tried, as I got pretty excited about that change. Description unchanged as well.

Also I just died first time in... weeks? Like the changes all in all a lot. Augmented Body II was bonkers.

This comment was edited 3 years 241 days ago by Zodasmund
3 years 241 days ago

Interesting but did drop chances increase on certain gear, or EXP catch a boost? Making an entire new charector to lvl to 100 as long as it takes, is a bit excessive to ask for mozt of us. 

That asside, the Tech Adept additions are needed and should make for super interesting play. Now- if Tech Adept gear increased not only the tech but all adepts like dmg boosts etc., it may be a bit easier than trying to decide if a certain roll (with now additions to the pool which is why I ask about drop rates)- should be utilized for the adept or constructs- vs. just having the construxta boosted by the same benefits the Adept gets. Either way super awesome to see! 

Unsure how I feel about the Kastelon hlth/dmg nerf, but eh. I only run 2. For those whose entire build runs off of four, it may be a pretty big nerf. Remains to be seen. Would rather if gear boosted our dmg it also boosted the constructs- as it makes builds less complicated worrying about what rolls will be on what gear- but it will make for an interesting experiment on exploding construct swarm builds. 

As an XBox player I have to [insert auestion about console release here]. 

Thanks for all your hard work, awesome to see the game getting love. Hopefully you take a few ideas off my other posts for future updates. Extra storylines involving Orks and Tau in a crusade like atmosphere would be super interesting- especially since the more Orks fight the stronger they get (and toughness gets harder per level with warzones/can get harder by choice with progression in crusades. And that would fit with the 40k lore soooo wellll. :) 

Plus ya know extra story and playable classes fit really well aith this style game in a 40k lore co text too. The game can only get better! <3 

3 years 241 days ago
Way to go in addition to completely destroying my build when this hits console, I can't get help regearing from any of my friends because you guys won't allow console to use the mail system.
3 years 241 days ago
Very nice!
3 years 241 days ago
hi guys I was just wondering when this will hit xbox one consoles so I can get started in the season, and by the way great job...  the emperor protects....  
3 years 241 days ago
Those are some savage survivability nerfs for the Crusader, rendering a lot of current endgame gear trash.