A really awsome game but... no multiplayer endgame content


Hello there.

I just wanted to share mine and my friends thoughts about this game. We were big Diablo2 fans back in our days as teenager and 40k Martyr gave us a similar feeling when we played it the last few weeks. We loved the atmosphere, style and gameplay when we played the campaign TOGETHER. Also the balancing when my friend who was 10 lvls higher than me helped me out in the campaign was great. By increasing the difficulty it was still challenging and rewarding for my high lvl friend. We were really excited and couldnt wait to reach the endgame. And then when we finished the campaign and finally wanted to check out the void crusades, we realized that its single player only. That was a real pain in the a**. I asked in the reddit sub if there is any similiar endgame content for multiplayer with same challange and rewards like the void crusades, but there isnt anything. I also figured out that this was the main reason for many players to stop playing the game. So it was for me and my friends in the end.

So please for the sake of the emperor, use that great potencial of this awesome game and add any MULTIPLAYER content for the ENDGAME.

Thx for reading

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A really awsome game but... no multiplayer endgame content
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