Whats the framerate on Xbox Series S?


Ive been trying to find out for a while now even tried googling it i just cant find it,

at what framerate is martyr running on the series s console? i know on the series x its 60fps for sure thats because the series x runs the xbox one x version of the game and that has the 2 modes balanced and quality mode but on the series s there is no 2 modes its just 1 mode and im not sure what mode that is ,is it running at 60 or 30fps? i do know the series s runs the regular xbox one s version of games in backwards compatable so then again i cant even find at what fps martyr runs on the regular xbox one either so im really curious, if you happen to know plz tell me :)

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Whats the framerate on Xbox Series S?
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9 days ago
Brother Kundari
yeah makes sense but the series s is powerful enought to run it at 60fps so if its running at 30 i would love a patch upgrade but maybe its 60already, going from 30 to 60 is huge difference btw u feel it and see it,once u feel 60 its hard to go back to 30 on the same game
11 days ago
Been talk about this quite a lot for many a games through the last century, in fact, and I can´t give you a straight answer to it at all. Some people says it is different, some says no difference, some says even different in games that CLAIMS they should be running in 60fps, etc..

I have always been in belief that every game on Base Xbox1´s is 60Fps. And I really haven´t cared about it that much, because to me it really doesn´t matter. Since the most important factor to me, is that as long as I can actually play it as it is supposed to be played, I´m happy about it.

I know some people have as their hobby to check out what is actual fact regarding FPS´s for games. I know there are some videos on Youtube with people that even checks facts as this just for the fun of it. Check it out, maybe you find one for this exact game.

12 days ago
does no one really know :( ? i really like to know heh i wish i could  check frame rates on consoles