Saving Caius Thorn


Playing ps4 version and can't get past Saving Caius Thorn mission. I am in the Aethom System like it tells me to search for the Magos Biologis, but can't find. Playing this area for awhile.

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Saving Caius Thorn
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93 days ago

The problems you encountered along with @THEGREATZARTAN‍ got fixed just today. Please check on your respective accounts!

95 days ago

Hey guys, I had the same issue. It got resolved quickly after mailing to [email protected] with your PSN ID and character name. Hope this helps!

97 days ago
Hello, I'm with the same problem. I got the trophy for saving Caius Thorn, did all the 3 missions to find the Magos Biologis and the quest log shows that I completed only 75% of the quest, therefore I'm stuck with no story missions available to do. How can I fix it?

My character name is Vindicatus and ps4 id is sienajl.