Weapons vanish after equipping


I'm playing a Crusader. I found 2 new weapons yesterday after a mission (a bolter and a multimelta). I equipped them, and then went and played a new mission. I kept the old weapons in my inventory .. When I started the new mission, my weapons were reset to the default heavy bolter and heavy plasma. After that mission, both of the new weapons were gone and I still had the 2 old ones in my inventory, so I basically ended up with 2 copies of each default weapon and the new ones were completely gone.

I only noticed this with weapons, i've equipped other types of items and they seem to get saved just fine.

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Weapons vanish after equipping
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6 years 35 days ago
I noticed this issue with many different items, not only the weapons. And they did not reappear after a few hours. I lost some nice stuff because of this error and until it is patched, i don´t trust the inventory.
6 years 37 days ago
This happened to me & when I logged in again the bug persisted however I left a few hours & logged in again & they had reappeared. Note, I had not equip anything in their place after the disappearance I just left weapon set 1 empty.