A proposal for new mission types


The purpose of this splurge is to emphasise the need for greater mission complexity J I’m sure this is something the devs are already aware of but wanted to voice my view on the current quest types. Anyone finds this useful, check out my channel for similar content, Youtube Page

Currently we have two types of quest

Type 1 - “Explore the whole map” 

· Purge (Kill X of Y): You have to defeat a certain number (ie all) of the opponent. The W40k version of “go into the dungeon and kill all the rats”.

· Collect X of Y: A character is tasked with finding a certain number of artefacts of a certain type to continue the quest. Being spread equally through the map it essentially means repeating the purge quest but with the added option of opening barrels for a chance at the item you wish.

The advantage of the two missions thus far is they involve full or near full exploration of a map, discovering its uniqueness and such of each layout. The disadvantage is that you have to explore the entire map, which will involves back-pedalling lots and checking all the corners of a room for what you missed, without sounding ungrateful this is tedious and frustrating to a player.  

Type 2 – “Explore what you need, which is roughly 50-75%”

  • Assassinate Kill Y: Kill three dreadnaughts because you need to.
  • Other Assasinate Kill X: Kill three sorcerers’s because it makes you badass.
  • Other Assasinate Kill X: Kill three portals because we dislike portals.

The benefit of these is that it takes some of the frustration out of exploring and back-pedaling the whole map, especially when the targets are labelled on the map. But this comes at a cost of being the same mission in three different formats – Already these are preferable to purge as there is less work involved, so 2/5ths of our mission types are now slightly redundant.

Onto the Remedy!

What I first present to you is a list of the other quest types a typical mmo / arpg can contain and place them into a warhammer 40k context. Note that they aren't the remedy yet, hold on for that!

·  Escort: Lead an NPC from point A to point B. Eg a servo skull to a station.

·  Locate: A particular individual, item or location needs to be found. Eg. Prisoner?

·  Defend: Defend/Survive an NPC or location, item or place for a fixed period of time against waves of attackers. Eg. Defend a servo skull at a station or Summoning portal.

·  Interact: Slightly different to Locate in that there will be an activation by the player as part of the mission. In the context of Warhammer we could summon a daemon boss, retrieve data.

Rather than just delve into the above list which will really just make the game feel like a grind. I think it would be great to incorporate “double objective” missions into the random generation system. Doing so by combining any two of the above mission types.

EG – Escort a servo skull to a set terminal, then Defend them

EG – Locate a daemon gate and Survive / Defend (Destroy the source)

EG – Interact with a summoning portal and Assassinate the Boss

EG – Purge x many daemons to summon a Boss and Assassinate

EG – Collect x many daemonic relics and Survive / Defend (gradually draws more daemons to you)

Thoughts? - Discuss.....

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A proposal for new mission types
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4 years 57 days ago
Game kNight
Yeah that's more or less what I was intending, taking two of these missions types at random and pairing them (if such a system exists) - Perhaps there are some combinations which would be less fun but I think it's a good start to making the missions more varied. Honestly I think such a system could be triggered... all locate missions for eg could start with "locate a demon portal" then the subsequant random objective could be randomised from there, to Defend, escape, purge etc etc. A simple one line of text would be sufficient to explain what's going on to the character.

Also a fan of escorts being up bum :S lel

4 years 57 days ago
Like most - but I gotta commit to the non-escort team.

Unless... the escorted character is;

Invulnerable, while being escorted

Stuck right up your characters bum the entire time

What would be nice was a third way of doing missions - instead of having the mission objectives be static, so that you would always get a purge + boss mission, you could get a purge + defend mission or escort + collect + assassinate boss (and what other types the devs can come up with).

Randomly assigning mission objectives would be new and refreshing - it would create a living game that is always interesting (you could for instance know the first objective, but not the second or third - which would be revealed once at the point in the mission)

It would play on replayability as you would want to see what was behind the next door.

4 years 57 days ago
I agree with most of that, escort at usually a bit of an annoyance, when your "buck" gets stuck on a rock. But hey it's like eating broccoli, we all have to do it from time to time...

I used the term Defend / Survive - Because given the cover system and based combat I think it would be a good mission type for a co-op defense of an area, person etc :) but everyone will like different things. 

Re the Mess MMO kind and more traditional ARPG I think it'll be fine in the campaign but the idea with their mission generator is that is has a set forumula it will have to apply into a mission, so we can't expect any story telling in these missions, it's simply go to a planet and do mission x. Hopefully they find a way to stop it becoming repetitive though! - I have faith. 

4 years 57 days ago
Expect for the escort, and the defend quests, these are pretty nice ideas.

But let's be honest....I haven't seen any game out there, where escort missions are not the biggest cancer of all missions.

If you ask any gamer out there, which mission types are the most annoying, I'm sure, the majority will say: "escort mission"

So I hope this will not be a part of this game.

Locate and interact missions are pretty nice btw :)

But I hope the missions will be less of an MMO kind and more like a traditional APRG.

But let's also see how the story will look like. :)