Officio Assassinorum


Ive not yet been able to start the game before it crashes so I have no idea if assassins are playable yet, hence the question.

Are the assassins from the Officio Assassinorum, meaning do they originate from the four main assassin temples? The Vindicare, Callidus, Eversor & Culexus.

How do thier weapons/abilities work? Is it possible to mix the various weapons from the four main temples?

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Officio Assassinorum
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7 years 101 days ago
As far as I understood it, they will be death-cult assassins.
7 years 101 days ago
Currently the only playable class is the Crusader. I don't think they have any fluff in the game just yet. I'm going to assume the fluff will be added via the story portion of the game, which, IIRC, won't be released until the full version. I.E. won't be available during the Alpha or Beta versions. I believe there are some novels/short stories available somewhere on the Neocore website that has to do with this series though. Sorry, don't have a link for those. Cheers.