Warzone power lockout


Why is there a content lockout based on power? shouldn't I, if I'm able to, be allowed to play harder content? I'm at 1460 power and no idea how to increase it. Need 1500 power to get on with progressing through the warzones. Everything is being facerolled but i can't keep going..  gear lockouts are the worst game designs ever. 

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Warzone power lockout
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4 years 148 days ago

Do tarrots mission on highest difficulty with increased loot chance item to get relics on each slot.

Did it that way, worked perfectly. The only thing that I struggled with was getting the armor I wanted for the active skill.
But got nearly all stuff in relic.
I also had to farm a bit to get 4 Signums, thinking it matters, but in fact, you only need 2 relics equiped to get to 1500.
The other two are just bonuses when you swap your weaps, they don't count for the total of your PR.

Or you can farm Warzone... will be a pain cause you don't chose your drops, but it works, with more time ok, but it still works.
Have almost every item in relic version, almost all at 100% charge.
Tarrot helped me to reach 1500, warzone helped me to get all the existing stuff.

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4 years 149 days ago
It's unclear whether it's a bug or intentional.  Take the items that lost power back to fusion, you'll see they're at 99% and you need to feed another relic to get them back up to 100% and 1500.  
4 years 150 days ago
Got my innoculator, all gear are now 100% fused relics, I'm at 1492 power. I did notice my gear losing power rating when i rerolled tho. Is this a bug or intentional?
4 years 151 days ago
Pham Nuwen
yeah, my innoculator is purple -.- I never understand the concept behind these kind of mechanics. I love the game, having heaps of fun and don't mind the current lack of variation in gameplay. But it would be great if i could choose for myself if i feel like I'm geared enough to tackle the current content or not
4 years 151 days ago
Gotta have a 100% fusion relic in every slot.  I'm in the same boat, stuck at 1465 because I've never seen a relic innoculator drop.  And I have absolutely zero desire to farm battle 40 for one just so I can run 41-50 since it's just more of the same.  RIP this game.