Warp damage becomes armor breaking - benefits from +X% to armor breaking skills?


Question about a very specific mechanic: does the Psalm doctrine that makes all warp damage armour breaking allow Maelstrom/Empyrean Hail to benefit from items that give +X% damage to armour breaking skills? Seems like it should, but I have no way of verifying this.

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151 days ago
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298 days ago
Well, it is all Warp Damage also counts as Armour Breaking, so I will assume it does affect all other Armour Breaking Skills as well.

I will find it funny if it does not. Because Armour Breaking is, after all, Armour breaking. Whether it comes from the Damage itself, or if it comes from an item(s) with the specific Armour Breaking Skill itself.

You could always try it out yourself though, by running one Mission where you run without the Doctrine at all, but with all your basic Skills that gives you some Armour Breaking things you have from Skills and item(s). Then you go one Mission WITH the Doctrine added on top of it all.

If you can on top of this take Video Footage of the Missions you run, you should clearly see difference.