Unable to talk to Alpha Pariah


I'm really losing confidence in you folks. Unable to talk to the Alpha Pariah, come on this should not be happening. Please fix your game for crying out loud, this is part of the main quest. I have not played a game this bad with crap like this happening since I bought Failout 76. Is this what I bought for $121. Shame,Shame, Shame, Shame on you people. May the fleas of a herd of 1,001 musk ox infest everyones genitalia, also hope there is no ointment for the flea bites. Not sincerely BennieNdaJetts

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Unable to talk to Alpha Pariah
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50 days ago
Which means you cannot pass this mission currently?
51 days ago

Same issue here. Here's my report. Hopefully, there'll be something you can use to fix this issue. 

System: PS4

Character: Assassin - Sniper

Happened twice to me at the moment. Killed the great unclean one with fully charged longlas sniper shots while inoculator damage boost was in effect.

Then there was the cutscene with the demon getting evaporated by the pariah. Followed by a discussion between the player character and the tech priest. 

After that, Mission goal states to talk to alpha pariah, but the pariah cannot be highlighted nor interracted with. When moving around the mission area, i noticed the cogitator accessed earlier in the mission remains highlighted, but cannot be accessed either. Zoom function is non functional.

Besides zoom function, all seems to work like in combat situation.

122 days ago
Thanks for the valuable information we will investigate this issue!
123 days ago
It finally worked. I don't know why. The problem was that it showed the next step was to talk to her but when I approached there was no promp to interact. When it did work the only thing I did different was that I used the right stick to zoom all the way in. When I did that I could talk to her.
124 days ago
We checked on the issue but could not reproduce the case. May we ask what happens when you try to interact her in the mission? You cannot even highlight her? Or you can but there is no cutscene appearing? Would you please take a short footage about the problem? We would like to check on it.
127 days ago
Yes, that's the character. I tried again and it still won't allow me to talk to the pariah.
127 days ago

You refer to your character 'Cannal'? We will check if the mentioned issue can be fixed on our end! 

128 days ago
Playing on xbox and just got to this point and the game wont allow me to talk to alpha pariah.  I've tried 4 times and lost 3 good weapon drops. Is there a work around?
192 days ago
Yes , It says talk to Alpha Pariah. Can'T talk to her.

192 days ago
You mean while in the mission you cannot interact with the Alpha Pariah? This happens after you kill the Great Unclean One boss?