Unable to talk to Alpha Pariah


I'm really losing confidence in you folks. Unable to talk to the Alpha Pariah, come on this should not be happening. Please fix your game for crying out loud, this is part of the main quest. I have not played a game this bad with crap like this happening since I bought Failout 76. Is this what I bought for $121. Shame,Shame, Shame, Shame on you people. May the fleas of a herd of 1,001 musk ox infest everyones genitalia, also hope there is no ointment for the flea bites. Not sincerely BennieNdaJetts

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Unable to talk to Alpha Pariah
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13 days ago
Yes , It says talk to Alpha Pariah. Can'T talk to her.

14 days ago
You mean while in the mission you cannot interact with the Alpha Pariah? This happens after you kill the Great Unclean One boss?