Void Crusade bug?


I've noticed more than a few times that the final mission in the center does some really wonky things.

First, I noticed that I would have virtually no chance to complete it because it set my crit % chance to 0, despite my tarot cards not mentioning anything about crit chance.

Second (just now), I noticed that the 3-in-1 psalm doctrine...the one that makes you shoot two more streams of bullets, each delivering 50% damage, was disabled.

Is this intentional or not?

If not, then I'm upset, because the center final mission is bugged, and I've died quite a few times because of its BS.

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Void Crusade bug?
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2 years 144 days ago

Thanks for the details, I wanted to confirm the case is the same as the one which has been reported and we have been working on it now. 

2 years 144 days ago
There is a workaround - unequip and re-equip all your gear - barring your innoculator.

This will give you your gear stats back.

Don't unequip the innoculator as you will not be able to re-equip it and so will not have the healing available.

I have reported this one before but it's not been fixed yet.  Every time I do the Khorne final mission on the Void Crusade I get this bug.

2 years 145 days ago
Yes, always Khorne.
2 years 145 days ago
May we ask did you usually encounter Khorne-type enemies in the mission?