Trans-Empyric Phasing aint triggers


Trans-Empyric Phasing aint triggers, no matter if i below 25% hp or below 25% supression or both

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Trans-Empyric Phasing aint triggers
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150 days ago

It triggers when your HP is below 25% of your total health and the state breaks when HP increases above 25%.

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151 days ago

one more thing, can you pls explain how this skill suppose to work? Lets say im at 25% hp the skill triggers, will 3 sec inv only last while im exposed or its guaranteed 3 sec inv? If ill brake exposed state, due to hp regen or healing, lets say 25,1% hp, will it expire? How often it can trigger once per 60 sec, once per mission?

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151 days ago
We will look into the case, thanks for the report! 
152 days ago

Does anyone else have the same problem? Its a passive in def tree it says "3 sec inv on entering exposed state", but the buff is not applying i know atleast 2 people who tested it, still nothing.