Some Pysker powers not benefiting from % bonuses


Some Powers don't benefit from % bonuses that they should.  I tested this by finding gear with only the bonus I needed to test and swaping it out and looking at the dmg change on the toolbar.

Bio-Lightning doesn't benefit from AOE

Fiery Form benefits from nothing

Inferno does no damage in the first place but seems to benefit from nothing as well

          Inferno hits for 70-100 maybe 4 times a second while I have other abilities that have ~4k dmg pre buffs in the toolbar

Shockwave Benefits from Nothing

Constrict doesn't benefit from Armor breaking %

Running AP mastery doesn't benefit from Armor Piercing %

Side note if self is supposed to not be melee or range Maelstorm benefits from range while being "self"

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Some Pysker powers not benefiting from % bonuses
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2 years 103 days ago
+12% damage to area of effect skills, +15% damage to armor piercing skills, +12% warp damage..etc the damage on the tooltip doesn't chance when you equip gear with these abilities.
2 years 103 days ago
What bonus are you referring to?