Unable to change my Cabal from closed to open


Set up a cabal but accidentally set it to closed, now when I go to modify cabal it allows me to select the open option but the accept button to confirm it all stays greyed out, says free cost so not an issue with that. Even with it closed I cannot invite my friends to the cabal? just says cannot invite even if they are in game?

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Unable to change my Cabal from closed to open
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1 year 42 days ago

We checked on the issue and we could modify the Cabal's status from closed to open and reverse.
Please verify game integrity, that should resolve the problem. Confirm if it worked! 

1 year 43 days ago
Having exact same issue. Anyone ever come up with a fix?
1 year 209 days ago

I mean you can not invite other players as Guild Grandmaster, you can only accept their request to join the Cabal, and I suppose it is bugged as you should be able to invite directly players.

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1 year 209 days ago
Makes no sense what your saying...
1 year 209 days ago
Yes invite does not work, you can only accept invites sent by players to join the cabal.
1 year 209 days ago
Can't invite anyone from my friendslist to my cabal, exept one friend that was on PS3 and doen't even own the game as the account is no longer used. Btw my Cabal is open... pls fix. ;)
1 year 210 days ago
Also having this issue.