Levelling and side missions.


I have been playing for quite some time. I have a level 80, and 3 between 45 and 55. It has been a fairly enjoyable process, but to be honest, the process needs speeding up. I enjoy trying new builds, farming for gear, which really only becomes a thing at max level. Or at least between 70 and 80. This leads me on to my next topic. As you can see above, I have obviously been playing for quite some time. I have been trying to unlock the suppression skill tree throughout this time. I’m still only 15 out of 25. I have read all the forum post around this subject, and am now fully tired of the grind. This should not be so tedious and time consuming. 

I would suggest that once a player has reached level cap, all subsequent characters gain a substantial xp boost. 

My suggestion for suppression tree, would be to either reduce the amount of side quests to 10, or make side quest spawn more frequently. Currently it’s just a boring nightmare, which has totally spoiled the game for me. 

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Levelling and side missions.
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154 days ago
Oh. I was under the impression that main missions didn’t count. I’ll give it a go. Thanks
154 days ago
Thanks for your response. 

I had already read the info in link supplied, but over the course of 2 days, I only encountered 2 missions with the required side missions.  I appreciate your help anyway.

154 days ago

As for the leveling, we increased the obtainable XP in missions a good while ago based on feedback but will reconsider whether further changes are necessary!
Check on the following link, it's a useful guide for players who want to unlock the Suppression Tree:

155 days ago

i unlocked the suppression skill very easy. story missions have a many side quests. go through the main story by other character. also, the city platform map on the starmap have a side quest often.  the tarot mission on difficult level give more experience.