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Unknown mechanics are always a bad thing. But when tooltip misses the possibility to make things clear, then something should definitely be done!


Purpleprint, Purity Seal Mk.2 - 

Says 8-10HP/sec reg guaranteed in tooltip, 3 enchantment total (one with icon claims 6-10HP, but lets skip that). 

Cogitor Circuit - optimizes random roll for ALL parameters (Damage, Deflect, Dodge, Damage Reduce) - ok, probably I'm not the best suitable person for English, but still...

Mutagenic Agent - optimizes random rolls for all... - guess really everything

Rad-tempered Casting - optimizes all defensive rolls - hmmmm, how about Dodge, how about Damage Reduce? One would presume so, along with +HP, +Supression and alike, but it it really the case?

Nanocrystal Node - optimizes all offensive - now things really get confusing - Suppression per hit is probably defensive, or neutral? Whatabout -cooldown%? Is it offensive or neutral - could go both ways, but regardless does Nanocrystal influences it or not?

Superconductive Wiring - optimizes all utility - ok, whatis? +% More Box Charges probably qualifies. What about +Focus?  Perhaps duraton of Innoculator effercts? This looks like Mutagenic Agent, but are the affixes the same and which is which - one is 20% and other 30%, guess Wiring has more limits

Mind Impulse Component - optimizes Att/Def, then everything that Cognitor does, and every enchantment? This is highly unclear, same from what Cognitor does confusingly + enchantments in general?

DISCLAIMER: Mighty Snakefist is aware of maniacal tempo to finish before dead-line which is unrealistic even if no major problem appears, and this is certainly not current priority, but it's just one of things people add comment when they thumb-down the game and say 'unfinished' - for the finished game things like this are important.

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Tooltips texts
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6 years 178 days ago
To put it simple: Martyr tooltips are crap.

Look at the weapons for example. We get bonus damage for heat. Okay let's see what tooltip states that it makes heat damge... well.... erm... okay? Surely people come behind it that flamers, lasers, plasma and melters do  heat damage but why does it have to be that complicated? Why is there no dmg type: Plasma[Heat] or something like that.

Crafting mats are something totaly different. Buffs utility rolls... what's a utility roll? Hp/s... Hp/kill... flat HP or are those defensive stats? They need to clarify stuff a lot more.

What soes 35 ccrit dmg do? Throw a extra banana at enemys? Increase the flat damage of a weapon? Increase the skill damage? How much crit damage do i need to get to make crits do more damage then the grinder perk?

The tooltips are completly frustrating in my eyes and executed in a very bad way.

6 years 178 days ago

Who the hell downvotes constructive, polite posts? Retards, I'd say... 

Tooltips are mostly bad, true. Weapon ones has *most* affixes explained, used to say 'traumatize' and player was left to wonder... Now there's explanation.

On the other hand, Greatsword is *doing DOT* and some affixes *increase DOT* and there's even *DOT Skilltree*

What's missing is how much Greatsword actually does DOT. Probably something like 10%, perhaps somewhat more, based on experience. It's nice to see some things (like cooldown) changes in tooltips to show real situation, would be nice to have:

a. things like mentioned DOT listed

b. if they're affected by something, to see how change reflects

Otherwise I agree with Irrelewahnt on damage type suggestion and listing CC/CD in skill tooltip, something like:

- 200 dmg (as now)

- 150 dps (as now)

- 17% CC for 250 dmg (new data - some skills have native +CC%, so to see it in total)

- perhaps some derived formula for total statistical damage

This would need extended space, but I don't look skill tooltips every 5 min, and for crafting I just don't care how big tooltip is, as long as I *know* what components do

Also, agree with OP on crafting tooltips - can they be done in the same way as weapons / skills?

6 years 177 days ago
To throw in another view - Can admit that Martyr's tooltips, damage types and such are some of the most confusing i've ever seen within a game. Can't even argue with that. It's similar to PoE's crafting system where you have to go on the internet and actively search / ask others what something is. Only in this case for many things no one really knows xD
6 years 175 days ago
Good post, thanks!
6 years 167 days ago

In the meanwhile, perhaps we could get some kind of list, what is:

- offensive

- defensive

- enchantment

- utility

Especially explanation on the last 2. While offensive/defensive can be found in .cfg files, such as:


every affix is called 'Enchantment' in the title and nothing is called 'utility'. Are they the same and are they apply to both offensive and defensive affixes? Like multi-purpose?