Van Helsing 2 PS4 Difficulty is impossible


Ok so,i tried really hard to find any information on the internet about difficulty in this game and trophies tied to it. But to no avail. I will try here in hopes that anybody in the world knows this.

There is trophy for completing the game on fearless. My question is-do i have to start the game on this difficulty level and finish it on my first playthrough?Or will I be able to start the story again and pump up diffficulty level then?

I ask becouse i see ppl got plat in this game. I tired to play fearless with each class on 1 lvl and 30 lvl. The farthest i got to Octopod machine in the first location wich took me about 6 hours and 150 deaths. Now the level is swarmed witch those warewolf creatures and this boss have 200k hp. I do hits for 300-400 and crits for 2k+ max. That assuming that i hit enemy...

What im saying is that this game to me is impossible to play on fearless from scratch. It cannot be done,it just cant.

So do i really have to play it on fearless from beggining to get the trophy or is there any other way?

I other word-to get trophy for completing the game on highest difficutly do i have to set my brand new character immidiatly on fearless?

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Van Helsing 2 PS4 Difficulty is impossible
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