Shield does not go down


Just had a run in with a Word Bearer Decimator (those big robotic guys that get a shield from three nearby pylons).

I destroyed the three pylons, but the Decimator kept its shield!

I used my guns to wear down the Decimator's shield/armor bar down to 0%, but still the Decimator kept its shield.

I walked away, killed other enemies and came back: The Decimator still had the shield!

Thus the Decimator can not be destroyed at all, because the shield does not go away.

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Shield does not go down
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6 years 79 days ago

I have had this happen a few times too. One reason I carry a grav gun or grav pistols on all my characters. It ignores the armor.

Sucks if you don't have one.

The self-repairing Leman Russ is also a pain in the butt.

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