Thoughts on the game so far


Honestly you guys have something here. I am sure you already know that and I think you made a good call with the founding as I now see an amazing variety of ways this game could progress. Having said that I think as you know there is a lot of work to be done. As I'm not sure if you are looking for general feed back or specific bug I will list both.

I am sorry in advance for this lengthy post.

I suspect you already know a lot of this I will list it anyway for the sake of being complete.

Fist the lighting in the game is non provoking its far to sterile. In my opinion a slightly brighter than survival horror would be perfect for this game. thus the headlamp.

Next sound before the update you could hear the voices of the inquisitors. I enjoyed the things they said but I felt like the voice of the crusader was more of bar room brawler or lumber jack. not to be rude but while inquisitors are individually unique in almost all aspect one thing they have In common is that they are all smart. and well schooled. This fellow sounded like an imbecil please attempt to make him sound more like a spy or at the very least someone that has picked up a book at some point in there life. this is however just my opinion.

The guns sound very uninspired I wont go into detail on every sound effect that is bad as I assume most of them are just placeholders.

Melee combat doesn't have enough punch the animations don't look bad but when they connect with an enemy they have no weight. Also melee in general is non threating. melee units are far to slow or lacking in health as a ranged inquisitor they are little more than free xp as they have almost no chance of reaching you. The exception to this is the dreadnought. As I play more I will touch on this again as I feel that melee is a very important part of 40k.

Animations need more verity same 2 melee animations for the inquisitor and same one for each melee enemy. Destructible terrain is done very nicely more cover cold be added to make better use of the cover system. also maybe change it to push shift rather than hold shift to get into cover as it dosent feel very intuitive last thing I want to do is hold down a key while clicking my various skills.

Skills Simply they need more also need skills for each class not just the equipment. I honestly hate the idea of different skills based on weapons however you may have changed my mind in this regard as I felt the weapon skills were well done. The weapon skills continued to surprise me as I really went in wanting to hate them and found I loved them they felt intuitive, useful, and well thought out. whoever came up with these deserves a pat on the back.

Slower pace and more tactical feel, I love what you guys are going for with this, its fresh and fells less like a click fest which I think has relegated ARPG's to a juvenile segment of the population. As an adult I want something much more thought provoking. I feel that you guys are on the right track with this however there is still work to do. more specifics on this after I have played longer need time to fully explore options for making this better.

I will briefly mention the fact that that of course none of the weapons or equipment have any stats. And that the textures on the items don't seem fleshed out. I know these will be improved upon.

missions must have a map that leads to the few remaining enemy's in a purge mission ether that or maybe you just kill most of the enemy's to win the mission. this is a quality of life thing. as missing a single enemy often leads to a long process of walking back through everything you have already done searching for one lost enemy. add an inquisitorial report to the end of the mission detailing kills items found things of this nature. make it like he is writing a report to the inquisition.

Bugs there are lots of them but a few I noticed when on the ship looking at your inventory and skills you have to push escape to get out of it as the big x in the right hand corner does nothing. Often crashes after a single mission. Often a long black screen when starting the game. Often times enemy will not fall down when they die but will instead become stiff and stand straight up. while on the first few mission loot showed up in my inventory upon reaching my ship after the third mission or so no more loot showed up no matter how much I collected. Often times some of the enemy's will remain floating in the air and decide not to fight me even when engaged in melee.

A.I. I am guessing you have the AI way down or something as in some of you videos I saw nurglings behaving in a more logical manner where as in the game everything seems to rush at you in a straight line. Almost all enemy's seemed to completely disregard there numerical superiority and file slowly towards there death. ranged enemy's would often try to hide on the wrong side of cover or disregard cover entirely even though in some cases the they were almost touching it. in order to alien with the tactical nature that you seem to want the game to go in the enemy's must also behave tactically. overall I would say the A.I. needs lots of work.

Well I will leave on that I don't want to seem like I am being overly critical as I assumed that's what this founding was for. Your game has a staggering amount of potential. when you stated that you want people to play this continuously for years to come I thought that would be a feat that would be very difficult to achieve and while I maintain that belief I do thing you have the right base to make it happen.

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Thoughts on the game so far
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5 years 301 days ago
Thank you for your feedback! 

Most of the features are missing, and they will be implemented in updates along with fixing all the bugs you guys find. 

Hopefully we can fix the crashes today or so, more updates to come later.