Thoughts & feedback.


Here is a short list of the things that stand out for me so far.

The Good.

Priority assignments- I love these, they really add to the RP aspect of the game. It really sets the scene & adds context to your actions so it doesn't feel like I'm just firing out mission after mission for fate. afaik it's the only source of morality outside of the campaign but I've only had 3 in total with radical/ puritan choices available, maybe you guys could make more use of this.

Gun play- I've pretty much exclusively wielded dual pistols since alpha & I think the system works well. I like cover but it's not combat defining, I can run & gun effectively without it but it helps as well.

Progress- As someone who does an atypical job levelling is a jarring process, 3-6 days when I can't play followed by 3-6 when I can but I feel like I can move at a steady pace, up until the latest patch Tarot missions have been great boosts I don't know if there's been a nerf but out of the 4 or 5 I ran today I've had only 2 relics but that could just be terrible rng. I'm level 45 so far & I like that it's not an insta levelling system & I'm actually enjoying working my way up to 50 so kudos for not following the D3 BAM you're max route.

The Bad.

Mixed dual pistols- I feel the current system almost forces you to use them in pairs. Mixing atm forces you to lose CC &/or AoE, imo dual wielding should be the flexible option you sacrifice the bigger numbers for, my testing (which I admit is limited thus far) has  shown a few extra rounds as the only bonus & even that is abit off due to how the game handles ammo usage (I'm not sure how to explain this but basically you may have to reload when you have ammo to use certain skills whereas you wouldn't with one clip in a rifle).

Non Tarot XP generation- Nothing to really add here, I think the fate is ok because that's where you go to get your relics but there shouldn't be such a huge discrepancy between Tarot & normal missions for xp, I like the pace as stated above but just feel the game is currently too Tarot focused.

The other stuff!

Events- I was at sea for the one event thats given a reward I wanted (yargh I'll admit I'm abit salty about it). I've done the two since & if I'm honest they weren't particularly enjoyable for me. I'm a solo player & I don't use a meta instagib build, so the first event (post release) was a slog for me but I persevered for my emote that I'll never use (can I trade it for the skull helm... no.. ok I'll get me coat xD). The second has felt much the same, I got half done went to sea for a few days came home & finished it, I didn't feel I'd contributed & I didn't feel involved in a regional conflict I was just earning fate in an area that filled a bar.

 It may be an idea to take some of that priority assignment style RP decision making & integrate it into future events. Will my radical decisions drive a planet closer to destruction or will some puritans hard line stance drive more forces to join the chaos side etc.

Seasons- I really like the concept but as someone who may be switching to a job where he works 4 months away & then is back for 3 I'm wondering how this will effect me & will gear/ story become unavailable to me if I'm away for it (as it stands I'm probably away for the end of this event so I'm not sure if the community reward will wait for me or if I'll miss it by not being back on time).

Solo play- I get that you want to encourage group play but we're here too & I don't want preferential treatment but I'd ask that you consider us equally, I heard a rumour that the meme virus replacement will be group based. Cabals have group bonuses already so unless you plan on adding Lone wolf perks to counteract a system you're going to be balancing the game around I'd ask that you think about all us lone guns out there doing the Emperor's work who will be indirectly nerfed by said balance.

Suppression- I put this at the end because I'm generally ok with it but this latest patch has been an unbearable CC fest for me, I'm hoping its a bug, if so yay! if not it's detracting from enjoyment in its current state.

Thank you for your time & the game you guys made that ate mine!

The Emperor protects.

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Thoughts & feedback.
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