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After Playing for a couple hours I wanted to try and ask around and see if maybe Martyr could get away from the point and click a bit and turn into something unique. What I mean by that is that with the cover system it doesn't make sense to me to have to stop moving to use weapons unless they are heavy weapons to be used to their full potential. Weapons like melee and assault could be used while moving to there full extent but with draw backs in accuracy and such and heavy weapons would be able to take snap shots until they are set up,(holding shift or the character stops moving) the reason I think this would be beneficial is because then running to cover is an added game mechanic that works well when it is taken away from players and adds diversity. I also think that instead of the characters upper torso or head following the mouse or selected area maybe the weapon and arms could do that instead so that it doesn't look like so weird. At certain levels when a character would raise a look angle to a certain degree then it makes sense to me that their head and torso would be contorted. I haven't looked at any other posts by anyone so let me know what you think!

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Things to improve on
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7 years 4 days ago
I think  that would be great, something like a twink stick based movement, so you can fire and move at the same time. so i agree with your post!
7 years 5 days ago

This is something I would like to see if it is possible. It would spice up the combat imo.