Double VAT for russian buyers


Hi there! I tried to buy "Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr" but got +18% cost for Russian VAT  and thats too much now. There are "VAT included" in cost as it written on the site, but when I go to payment, I've got that "bonus" charge, so I did not proceed. First I want to ask, if I can return VAT, or somehow get the game for listed price? 

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Double VAT for russian buyers
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2 years 362 days ago

Hi there! My issue is resolved, I was able to buy inerrogator pack for listed price without second VAT.

Thank you for quick and nice support! I will join founding community soon!

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2 years 363 days ago

There are some russian gamers in community as I know, and lots of warhammer fans in Russia for sure. I know that some people wait for Steam acces to refund if they wint like the game but I would like to participate in founding as I did with other warhammer and kickstarter games (dont know about will it be advertisment or not - so I want post titles). I hope that support will find a way to resolve issue. They answered me on mail and asked to wait. If I will get good news I will share it of course.

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2 years 364 days ago
think no more russians, except us...
3 years 2 hours ago

This current legislative package, which adds 18% to the digital products from abroad

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3 years 6 hours ago

Thank you for quick response! I've made some screenshots, add my marks for better understanding and send to [email protected]

3 years 6 hours ago

Thanks for support, but let's stick to the rules and use english, friend.
Also - was you problem with phisical bonuses? I've heard that sometimes there are problems with sending to Russia. 

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3 years 7 hours ago
Dear Morden,

Please provide us a screenshot about it to [email protected] (the screen where you see the "bonus" VAT shown)

Other users from Russia can buy without problem or aditional VAT charged - as that is indeed included in the price (USD40 for Throne Agent Pack for example)

Thank you for your patience while we investigate this issue.

3 years 17 hours ago
да дружище, подобный вопрос, о бонусах для фундеров, я уже задавал, хотя и по, несколько, другому поводу...