Status: Game uplayable now :(


Bought the game last friday, and i cannot start any missions. I've allreay submitted the bugs, but now its gotten worse - When i create a new char, he's stuck in the same position holding an invisible gun - he can move and interact, but no matter gear or movement he's stuck in same position.

Stuck: Like above, - stuck in same position.

Money: when i start a new char, it starts with fund of the last character, - (also game breaker since i've never managed to obtain more money)

Char start: Like the fund problem, any new chars start on the ship, but the star maps is locked to the former chars location - the last place/mission it crashed.

Mission trouble: Tried every sector and mission available and after start the "server load" pops up, i get thrown to desktop with "map bug". The game doenst crash, but gets stuck with the general chat screen poping up in front of the server log fail.

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Status: Game uplayable now :(
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5 years 348 days ago

Hi! Thanks for the report! This is a known issue and will be fixed as soon as possible!