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Hallo Dev. Team,

I want to report a few bugs that I experienced at first play and after 2 Hours of gameplay. 

Total Hours now 3 to see if the problem is consistent and reconstruct-able. 

1. Sound of Doom

Problem: Sound-effects start to jittere and loop like crazy constant clicking and pitching

Temp. Solution: Turn Sound off on all Effects / Sometimes mute all!!!

Reconstruction: Problem persistent in Mission Only does not matter what type of mission.

2. Melee Targets Cam View

Problem: Hitting a Target while it is moving behind cover on levels were there is allot of support columns.

Temp. Solution: Need to play with Cam View to re-target enemy with some strange results. Cam View skipping (Jumps to another perspective)

Reconstruction: Happens in Missions with Tile-set (intersection slim with allot of support columns at the edges)

Hardware Specs.:

CPU: Intel I 7 2600K no OC

MB: Asus Maximus V-Gene Z77

Sound: Creative Soundblaster Zx

GPU: Zotac Nvidia GTX Titan no OC

RAM: Corsair 8GB XMS 3 DDR-3 1333Mhz no OC 

PSU: Corsair HX 1000W

SSD 1-4: System, Game, Storage A - Storage B / 4x Samsung SSD 840 SATA III 6Gbit

OS: Windows 10 64bit 



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The sound of...
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7 years 14 days ago
Thanks for the reports man, good feedback!

Can you try verifying game cache via Steam and see if the footstep sound persists? Haven't seen it reported elsewhere so I'm thinking it might be a client issue. Thanks!