Please allow the camera postion to look up and down.


Game Controls/ Camera adjustability WASD movement with Mouse camera and cursor looking. allow a over the shoulder 3rd person and first person view. The game should feel more like Neverwinter or World of Warcraft or even space marine. Click movement is not the best for real time games. Click movement is fine for turn based or real time that can be paused and resumed at will. The game feels like a 2 day game while it looks like its 3d. The fixed camera really takes away from the dynamics that makes games fun longer. Having to hold down a button to turn the camera seems is just unnecessary. Here take this sniper rifle I know you cant adjust your camera to look down that long cordor but your still a sniper because you have the sniper rifle. 

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Please allow the camera postion to look up and down.
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6 years 346 days ago

Did you ever notice that enemies may spawn behind you? You'd never notice it with an over-the-shoulder camera until your inquisitor is dead.