the inoculator drop


stop the inoculator drop the reason for this is simple 

#1 they make the supply box useless

#2 cause we have alot of inoculator the game become run and gun when low on life use inoculator to make matter worst they even have a skill that let the inoculator cool donw faster LOL 

#3 cause of inoculator spam people are not scard to rush in a huge crowd kill as much as you can then low life use inoculator :( 

#4 because of to much inoculator even in hard mode the game gets ez 

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the inoculator drop
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7 years 13 hours ago

As it's not letting me edit my post, I'll break this down in a different, less abrasive manner.

If you want challenge content, and feel like you're not being challenged enough, that's fine. But making a blanket statement (that, from your wording, shows you're generally playing with at least one other player) that will have a negative impact on solo play for the standard game modes is... problematic.

For example: Maybe request a challenge mutator that removes the supply boxes, instead. Then, solo players who suck down huge amounts of damage in standard gameplay and need those med boosts to finish maps (with heavy use of cover) won't react poorly, and may even be supportive.

7 years 13 hours ago

I... am starting to think we're playing completely different games based on your posts.

I'm still forced to use cover, and the innoculator is my limited "OH NO" that I frequently need solo, because I move slowly... so slowly... and soak up a lot of fire getting into weapon range, meaning I take a lot of damage, meaning I need that heal, because I don't have mitigation, because the Innoculator is that mitigation currently.