remove wepon level cap


before the patch come out i like how the game wepon system and crafting system was but now that we have wepon  level cap we cant use the wepon we want unless we hit higher level that force us/gamer to change our play style just to make it or pass the mission and some of this mission are hard even in level 1 area we/player will get over run cause we don't have any fire power to back us up i know we get the heavy fleam early but that is for close range what about for long range or how will we deal with CC if we dont have any fire power.

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remove wepon level cap
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6 years 339 days ago

I.. what?

Did you boot Diablo and immediately regret that you couldn't have Epics right off the bat that fit your playstyle? You're a starting inquisitor, a low level character, and the new setup has been great for learning how the weapon skills and weapon types interact with each other. For example, if you're a heavy and you're not using that lasgun against ranged mobs, you're most assuredly doing it wrong--the shotgun should be your melee-enemy clump shredder. It has the same range as the boltgun and heavy bolter, even the starting weapon starts off with plenty of firepower to handle the first few missions until you've leveled up enough to replace it with a plasma gun (which is now viable and working as it should be, if you take the time to read the skill tooltips and run a skill rotation). The heavy flamer should replace your shotgun as the melee blob melter, and it adds some really nice CC to the mix in the form of area denial and that long range blob of promethium (that even works against elites rather nicely, if they're not armored).

To quote your other weapon post... This isn't Diablo 3.

6 years 339 days ago

oh also i for got to add if there is a wepon level cap so even if we craft a weopon we want to use but if we/player are not yet in that Level we cant use the wepon the we/gamer craft :( it happen to me just before the twitch feed i wanted to use a heavy melta gun i did not know it have a wepon cap when 1 hour later crafting was done when i try to use it i found out it have a level cap :( now i am force to use Lazgun :(