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i have to ask does this game works in offline mode cause when i get dc from the net it say that lost connection to the sever then it ask me if i want to reconnect to the sever. any ways i dont know if you know that but not every one can stay online all the time i am in the Navy if i get depoly there is no net when we are out at sea does that mean that i cant play this game

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Offline mode
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6 years 359 days ago
Airsick Hydra

OK so if they are going to make this an online game can they please gave us a place to hang out where we can see every one Like in path of exile a town where we can just chilax well in this case a space station :) 

BUT STILL I WISH THIS IS HAVE AN OFF LINE MODE JUST LIKE HELLDIVER so even if people like me get depoloy and we are stuck on a ship or in an area with no net like a Bario we can still play this game not every country have interent all over the place. :) 

6 years 361 days ago

As of yet (to the best of my knowledge) there isn't an offline mode or intention to include one. Although there has been a couple requests for the feature - amongst some debate as to the practicality of it. 

Hydra <3