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Although the Event is still running, I wanted to give my Feedback already today (My real life is preventing me to wait until Monday).

As many other Players I was a little bit disappointed about what we got presented as a "World Wide Event". My Order is to kill 5.000 Guardsmen, and than I have to wait, that 10.000 other Players are doing the same. Ok, that's an simple Order, and maybe - if I have enough time to obey - I can manage this within 72h. But is that all what we can expect for the next 3 Years? An Event, where we have to repeat the same Missions again and again, and an "hypothetic" Explanation, that this Planet will got lost - maybe?

In my Eyes: That's not enough, Neocore. Why this Event is so .... uninspired? Are all of your Coders in Holiday right now? I would like to give you a Suggestion, what we/I would like to see next Time.

  1. If you tell us, that we have to reclaim a Planet, there should be a "Bar" that tells us, how many Percent of the Planet is under the Control of the Rebells. 
  2. With each Mission played by the Players the Count is decreased by .... e.g. 0,001%. 
  3. Every 60 Minutes the enemy gains 1 or 2% back to his count due to (virtualy) Counterattacks, that we haven't noticed. 
  4. This simple Mechanic will give the Event a much more dynamic Level, which will give the Player the Illusion, that he can cause something - or even not, if he is going to sleep at Night and return to a Planet that was recaptured by the Rebells while he wasn't present. 
  5. Maybe you will make special, much more difficult Mission available (maybe an Attack on an enemy Command Outpost, or a special Region on the Planet that will be accessable only under special circumstances), e.g. to Players that have completed 5 Missions within 60 Minutes or 10 Missions in a row without leaving the Game, where they can earn a Bonus to the Progress Bar by e.g. 0,005%. 
  6. This will increase the Motivation to play more agressive, and maybe more than just 2 ore 3 Missions in a row. 
  7. There is so much Potential to perform an Event, that give us the Feeling to be Part of a Crusade against the Enemies of the (false) Emperor, and not just being a Butcher on a sadly infested Planet.

As I already noticed, you (Neocore) aren't replying on Posts at this Community Hub very often, but maybe you will read this and get an Idea of what the Players (and in that special case I) expect, if you present a "World Wide Event" to us. With the Data you will collect this Weekend, you will be able to gain a Basement which can be used for hopefully more exciting Mechanics on the next Event(s).


P.S.: And maybe you should think about the Rewards. Some people seems to be .... VERY disappointed. At other Games (ATS, ETS2, DoW III, Total War Series) the Players got minor DLC with several Items: Skins, Heroes, Equipment. Maybe a small Bunch of more or less usefull Items will be more attractive than an Emote.

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The current Event
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4 years 176 days ago

I was really excited for this event until I logged in and saw what it was. I agree those changes would at least make it more engaging. But at the end of the day for me personally 5k is way too much time invested doing the same mission over and over again for very little reward. I play this game in my free time to have fun and grinding like this is NOT my idea of fun. I ran a few missions and saw how little progress I'd made and just felt completely unmotivated to go any further. I don't really any desire to spend 5 hours or however long it takes grinding the same mission and I can imagine a lot of other people will feel that way as well.

I love the idea of world changing events but at this point I'm hoping the it fails in spectacular fashion so Neocore gets the message this is not the kind of event we want.

I can see this event succeeding though because the game is new and some hardcore players are excited. My worry is that they'll consider this event a "success" and use this data to calibrate future events and we'll get more of the same. The hardcore players may love the grind but for a lot of people this will be a big turnoff. I'm not saying Neocore should only cater to casual players but why shouldn't everyone be able to enjoy the event?

I'm not convinced the game can survive on hardcore fans alone. They need to appeal to a majority to keep the player base active. They've already had a less than ideal launch and the steam reviews are currently mixed. The way I see it, if I as someone who was an early backer and a big fan of this game and Neocore feel alienated and unmotivated by this event, imagine how someone who just picked up the game with little investment will feel?

Hopefully they can adjust but if this is the direction they're going in I fear for the longevity of this game.

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4 years 176 days ago
I did just two missions to see how the math comes up: in mission 1 I got 152 kills that count, in mission 2 I got 148. Thus, at around 150 kills per mission, I'd have to do 34 missions to get the 5000 kills required.

For me, that is grinding at its worst, and I will not even attempt to achieve that goal (and for nothing more than an emote…).

4 years 176 days ago
Yea OP i can feel you. I think they choose Rebels because of the many balance complains and they want to get more data before balancing.. maybe :-).
4 years 176 days ago

Honestly i don't think they care at this point.  I'm a firm believer now that the "two year" plan they have is more like a one year plan and the game will be shut down within that time.  The real losers in all of this are anyone that bought a special edition of the game.  I mean i feel ripped off at $44 but compared to what those people paid i think i got off easy.

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