How to switch to challange mode?


Hello everyone!

I have a very simple question. When starting the new game it is said that if you select the story mode you'll be able to switch to the challange mode any time. Now when I'm playing in the story mode I cannot find these settings that would allow me to increase the difficulty. So is it actually possible to switch to the challange mode within the current game or do you have to start another new game to play with the challenge mode?

Thanks, I will appreciate any advice.

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How to switch to challange mode?
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343 days ago
Brax Malcharion
Thank you, now it's clear
343 days ago
You can change the Mode by selecting a Stroyline Mission (that ones with the Purple Color). There is a section named "Difficulty" where you can switch between Normal and Challange Mode. You also can add some Difficulty by using the Drop Down Menu, that will add +50, +100 or +250 points to it.