Thank you for Touch of the Omnissiah


I just wanted to express my appreciation for the 2.0 update. I'm aware of how negative supposed "fans" can be, whether it's video games, books, movies, sports or anything else & although criticism is not necessarily a bad thing it often crosses the line into unnecessarily rude & cruel. I just wanted you to hear a bit of the opposite side of the coin. 

2.0 has breathed new life into Martyr. It's almost a new game with all the changes & those changes are overwhelmingly positive. My list of the things I love... 

Co-op campaign. I can finally play the story with the person sitting next to me. If that person's character had their own inventory & could progress like player one it would answer my last wish for this game. 

Crafting is actually useful now. I love being able to customize my gear & slotting in new abilities is a perfect addition. 

Void Crusade is the end game we've been waiting for. An absolutely massive improvement & one that ensures the game has tons more replayabiluty. 

And finally the new gear & maps. 

Thank you so much for this complete overhaul & thank you again for giving it to your fans for free. I wasn' planning on buying Prophecy, but you've changed my mind on that & I'm really looking forward to it. Keep up the great work & keep supporting Martyr & I'll keep supporting Neocore. 

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Thank you for Touch of the Omnissiah
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3 years 54 days ago

Thank you for your kind words, we are pleased to read such a feedback every time. Your words got forwarded to our console team as they worked a lot to bring this patch to console.:)