Terrible stuttering during moving for certain language version


Hi there !

Many Chinese players reported that the game showed terrible stuttering on newer versions of GPU (like NVIDIA 3070 or 2080 ),  when playing with Chinese language. This stuttering seems cannot be fixed by shutting down visual effects and using low quality settings.

These complaints have grown much in this Nov., possibly because many people updated new NVIDIA driver.

We've found several ways to ameliorate this problem:

1. Try earlier versions of GPU driver, or simply use an old GPU

The complaints are mostly from people using GeForce RTX 20/30 series. For people using GeFore 10 series things seem to be fine.

For example, I'm using NVIDIA 1060 maxQ, driver 472.47 and it's OK. Some friend of mine confirmed that driver 496.13 is OK for NVIDIA 2070. But driver 496.76 for 3070 is bad.

2.  Stop using Chinese version and turn to English version

3. Delete the fonts folder in "My documents"

This would make the next mission good, but the folder would automatically come back so the player has to keep deleting it.

In summary,  the problem is for good GPUs (RTX 20/30 series) , new drivers, and possibly related to some fonts in Chinese language pack.    

We have some ways to deal with this but these're hardly solutions. Please look into this and help us :)

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Terrible stuttering during moving for certain language version
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240 days ago

I can confirm this is not a certain Language version thing. I am having an older Computer I´m playing on, and I too sometimes see some stuttering occuring on some Missions during movement. It has never been a gamebreaking issue, but it is there. Sometimes.

And I´m using a GTX 760.

Yeah, I know, I´m old... Fashioned.

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249 days ago

Performance issues on the newest generations can occur simply because we didn't optimize the game for these platforms - yet. :)

@HELGRIMALDUS‍ thanks for the valuable information!

250 days ago
Thanks ! By the way there are also similar reports from PS5 players (microstuttering and tearing), but this issue is said to be not restricted to language version. 
250 days ago

just tested with 3090 with newest drive 497.09, without change front, got crash within 5 campaign mission.

iirc, with old drive 496.13, there are stuttering from here and there, but never crash, so kinda big problem.

I will give an example how I encoutered crash - assassin jump into huge piles of enemies to do aoe, then screen frozen at that monent, game will crash if I continue to click mouse button after screen frozen. But if I stop using keyborad and mouse when game frozen then I could hear that game still running in background and leave it like this for few seconds then screen will go back to normal, just sometimes mc died cus it was standing still in enemies swamp.

hope those details could help, plz do fix asap, really annoying and definitely not single case.

Great game tho, really looking forward to that sisters of battle DLC.

253 days ago

Thanks for sharing such details on the matter. The problem was forwarded to our engine coders, they hopefully will have a solution.