Some help for Martyr please Neocore.



As a returning player (with over 200hrs) I've a quick few questions that I cannot get a recent answer too and was wondering if you could help please.

1. Is the Meme Virus still in the game (along with the other boosters) because if they have been removed, Wynter still sells them.  My reason for asking is that they have a red cross in them that they never used to have.

2. In the Video menu the option 'No soft Coronas' which is the option that gives me the better graphics, ticked or not ticked, as the description is a little contradictory.

3. in the Passives menu - if I apply points into 'Damage over Time' do I need a venom weapon or does this just apply to whatever I'm using?

3a. Is the old loot screen (the crate opening) gone completely now?  I don’t ever see it now - even with the skip loot screen option off.

4. Will Neocore continue to be Awesome?

Many thanks for all the hard work over the years - looking forward to the new DLC.

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Some help for Martyr please Neocore.
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165 days ago

Ok. Correction on 3a though.

Yes, the crate is completely gone now, indeed yes. This is and was so recently that it didn´t even occur to me. It must have happened with the newest patch closest to the start of now the Season 4. Last time I played it, it was the good old crate still, yes.

And when I say last time I played it, it means almost 14 days before start of Season 4. I was just wrapping up things in Season 3 finish to complete all Challenges.

167 days ago
Brother Kundari
Thanks for the reply Brother Kundari

Just found an old post of mine from three years back asking the same question about the 'No soft coronas'.  I had an answer back then - I'd just forgot it!

Anyway - selecting it (ticked) turns it off, it is just a different visual mode and that's it.

The loot box question was a good ole typo - I meant to say that loot screen was on!

Not my best post if I'm honest - so thanks for answering!

As for where have I been after my 280 Hours?  Well, I've been playing all my other Warhammer 40k games!  ;)

168 days ago
As a returning Player as you say. And only 200+ hours?, and where have you been for the past time, really??

1. Is it still available? Yes.

2. I have no idea whatsoever. My Card chooses on Auto what is the best for my system and goes with that.

3. To whatever Weapon you are using as long as it is stated as DoT Application.

3a. Yes, still there. Always been there. But how do you still expects to see it with the option off?.

4. No.