Tau, Orcs, Necrons? DLC?


Will there be any DLC or update adding more races / character classes?

If yes, any stimated date for release?

Or is the game already "finished"? (wich should be sad)

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Tau, Orcs, Necrons? DLC?
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3 years 165 days ago

I think the next dlc races or addon  might be for the necron races. The background of Caligari tells that same cities and hives were built on foundation of a ancient ancestral race. It can only be some Necron monolyths under these cities( or Aeldaries but they are already in the game)

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3 years 166 days ago
And yes, what is also very important to actually have when new DLC is ready is a genuine well written backstory. When they open new Sectors, they need to have everything prepped.

I would not like to have a totally new race & Sector popping up without any kind of story.

3 years 168 days ago
We all love to see new DLC like this, and they are very likely working on something already. And one day it just suddenly pops up.
3 years 169 days ago
Really enjoying the game too.  I decided to play again after owning it for months.  Amazing how far its come.  I would love to see more DLC.  A solid recommend for my gaming friends.  
3 years 169 days ago
Agreed! My only gripe with the game is that I'm just finding out about it! Its fantastic and an absolute steal for only ten bucks. So do whatever you have to to keep this train rolling. 

You make it, I'll buy it!  
3 years 170 days ago

for Greater Good! need Tau dlc!

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