Pregame customisation; Moral choices - instant benefits not only Morality Chart



first I want to say that I really enjoyed King Arthur: Knight`s Tale and your previous work King Arthur 1  and 2.

So, would you consider following game designes?

1) Please make pregame decisions like in King Athur 2: The Roleplaying Wargame,

So for example, Sir Mordred could be not only TANK (defender) but also champion,  marksman, arcanist etc., since he is our main characker. 

In my composition, he is just stun Stigma caster and beyond that a statue. He is main character so it simply sucks.

2) Please make choices leading to Morality Chart feel NOT ...  disconected.

So for example, in such (someone might think important) moment, like in first campaign mission after fight with father of Sir Balin and Sir Balan. 

One has to choose between claiming throne of Camelot or not. 

This BIG choice is actually just +1 statistic in some chart which no one will actually care  until get at least +5 but in fact more like +10 because mid chart are stuff that usually carry game most of the time like for example: Enforced Recruitment in King Arthur 1 or Resurection in King Arthur 2.

So in other words it is about 10% way to something maybe and just maybe useful.

I propose that:

Tyrant gets for example: systematically gold, shorter implementation of law ( because he is the law), systematically  some uncommon artifacts as a tribute to the occupant of the throne etc.

Rightful gets for example: loyalty bonus to knights, faster growing villages,  lower chances of rebelion, etc.

Beyond of course +1 marker which is important but to vague on its own.

3) In my humble opinion your vision about what means to be Rightful and what means to be Tyrant is not entirely accurate.

My understanding of Rightful ruler across the King Arthur series is that:

  • you apply rule of the law,  
  • help the weak, 
  • defend the weak, 
  • make justice to wrong doers (oppressors of the weak).

My understanding of Tyrant ruler across the King Arthur series is that:

  •  you do what serve your purpose no matter how weak will be extorted,
  • align with forces that possess some strength no matter what will happen to the weak,
  • you accuire brigands because they will fulfill even your sick orders for a good pay,
  • treachery is ok only if you are the one who  betrays.
  • villagers are cattle.

Comparing previously stated points to morality choices given in Kingstone ( considering fate of maruder Knight`s men),  
I heavily disagree with points distribution on Morality Chart given by this mision.

Putting to sword:

 It is Rightful not Tyrannical action. This is why:

  • Maruders were pillaging (might burn vilige and rape) so villagers need justice for crimes.
  • It is not justice when opressors are not punished but what is more, given custody over villagers (case of corrupt police officer is self explanatory)
  • Someone would pull out of the pocket: but mercy is attribute of Rightful. So at most I would consider legit option: let live and repay for crimes but there is no such option here (beyond being guards which case was stated before.

Letting maruders be alive and be guards:

  It is Tyrannical not Rightfull. This is why:

  • Kingstone was not yet property of Mordred so no need to make harsh exmaple because Mordred was in the process of acquiring that village. So maruders were just pilagging some defenceless village.
  • Maruders are tyrant people of choice for guards because they will extort money from villigers when the time comes without hesitation.

So, these were some things I wanted to share with you.

You guys make really cool games, so thank you for your awesome work.

Best Regards