Skills, ap OP stacking, Darkwood



first I want to say that I really enjoyed King Arthur: Knight`s Tale and your previous work King Arthur 1  and 2.


1)Sir Ector skill:

Mental Guard - works

but its upgrades don`t: 

Mental Fort, Ectended Guard - don`t work 

2)Sir Mordred skill:

Amourer - works

but its upgrade doesn`t: 

Lighten Armour - doesn`t work 

3)Sir Kay skill:

Rage - its damage buff stays for next battle ( I don`t know if that was intended , same goes for Trophy of Frenzy).

Ap stacking {Item: Rune of greater piercing( +1ap after kill), skill: Bloodlust (1ap after kill during Rage)}

Round 1) 7 ap 2 kills 1 ap left // I made 1 or 2 ap move. I started to note diligently later

Round 2) 8 ap[start] 3 kills (cleave) [8-3= 5ap] but ends up with 14ap  

used 1ap move , 1  strike [kill] ends up with 17ap

used 2ap move, 1strike kill ends up with 19ap

used 5ap move, 1 kill ends up with 18ap or 19 ap //I  can`t tell because left rhombus is devided into half

1 kill  //ap completly out of scale

used 5 ap [move] 1 kill

used 5 ap [move] Reserve //no one else to kill in this turn

Round 3)// Banshee screamed so Sir Kay ap is 7  + 3  - 3 = 7

used 1ap move, 1  strike [kill] // 6 -3 = 3ap ends up with 12ap

1  strike [kill] // 12 -3 = 9ap ends up with 19ap

//I think its enough of my "log"

It seems that the longer kills comes the more ap they refund - BROKEN ?

In next combat Sir Kay starts with 7ap

 after first kill or in second round (I don`t remember) 

whole ridiculus amount of ap acumulated in previous combat  comes back. - BROKEN?

4)In Darkwood in the middle of map  graphics is lagging immensly even after combat. On the edges of the map, it doesn`t feel so horible.

Maybe it`s my computer but on the other maps it is doing fine.

i hope this information help you guys,

Best Regards,

Skills, ap OP stacking, Darkwood
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