Tarot Cards, Suggested Changes to Make Endgame More Diverse


Could we have random missions in the star map spawning at levels 80 and 90  instead of just stopping at level 70, and the tarot cards levelled up giving us levels 72/74/76/78/80 and 82/84/86/88/90 and 92/94/96/98/100?

As in the first level of the tarot card is 72 or 82 or 92, and the last level is 80, 90 or 100.

My issue is that the cards stop at 98, I have a level 99 character who is now forced to use intel or void crusades to do missions at his level and as much fun as doing random missions are, sometimes you want to login and just do all the hunt missions for a day as an example. Doing them on a lesser level sucks as the fate rewards and glory are lesser and it takes the fun out of end game pushing and creating.

The other aspect of doing the tarot cards this way is that you'd be able to do a level 80 or 90 mission but do them with the added difficulty of the tarot cards in question but also have the option of not applying tarot cards to still do those missions without the added difficulty.

This would go a long way to making endgame more enjoyable as op[posed to feeling like you are forced to play void crusades or use intel to get missions at or above your level.

Alternatively, you could increase the missions on the star map as above but change the singular levels of missions appearing up to 80 and modifying the existing tarot card that starts at level 70 and making that start at level 102 (as per suggested changes above level 102 would be the base). This would allow us the ability to have missions at levels 102/104/106/108 and 110 straight off the star map, again, because being forced to do random missions off of the back of intel or ina  void crusade is not always what you want to be doing. I'd love a way to consistently be able to play at a higher difficulty once maxed out but doing mission types I want to do that I am finding enjoyable or am using to experiment with builds. These suggested changes would remedy that completely.

Another idea here is that The Tarot Cards have a selectable level youc an apply. Thatw ay, if youw ant to do a difficulty say 96 mission, you'd just choose the level 3 Tarot Card that upgrades the difficulty 90 missions. In anothe rthread someone suggested a reset ability on the cards, why do that when youc an simply select a level you have already levelled up. This would give maximal flexibility in what players are able to do from level 70 through to the endgame and even expand what they could do for their endgame.

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Tarot Cards, Suggested Changes to Make Endgame More Diverse
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14 days ago

Tarot card should definitively raised the level of the missions based on the level of the player and a +2 +4 +6 +8 +10 bonus.

This would allow us to use the card on any character.

I've seen people asking/complaining on reddit about this 6 months ago:


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17 days ago
I will discuss this with our designers. Similar changes have already been requested so this is definitely something more players await.