Void Crusade - Does it worth it to complete all missions?


I always finish all missions on the roadmap before rushing into the final supreme mission, in the belief that it could maximize the rewards I get.

But recently my faith has been shaken. 

Other players, with a quick-in-and-quick-out strategy (finish 5 missions, including 2 bonus missions, then finish the void crusade), seems to be doing better, collecting nice 6-enchantment Morality items at a faster rate.

I then realize it takes more than 20 fights  to complete all the missions (6 keys and 5 info fragments), while it could only take 6-7 fights to get 4 keys. 

Since the major concern for playing void crusade is Morality items and Archeotec items, and the location of item chests seem to be fixed (on PC), having 2 less keys and no info fragment is not problem at all.

So my question is, does finishing all missions in a void crusade,  make the drop chance of 6-enchantment Morality items 3-4 times of that in quick-in-and-quick-out strategy? 

If it is not so, then there's little meaning in finishing all the crusade missions.

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Void Crusade - Does it worth it to complete all missions?
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