TAB-Key nonfunctional


I have a problem with the TAB-Key that is usually used to swap weapons. The key works normal for some time, but then at the beginning of some mission it ceases to work. I can re-map the weapon swapping to another key, which then works. I can also re-map it back to the TAB-key (the mapping function DOES recognize the TAB-Key when I press it) but it does not work anymore for swapping weapons.

The only remedy is to validate my game data, which means finding a single damaged file and replacing it. Then the TAB-key works again.

But this happened already TWICE, so what damages my local data?

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TAB-Key nonfunctional
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6 years 185 days ago
Same for me, had to switch it to Q and now it works all the time.
6 years 186 days ago
I get the same thing, however , log out and back in, will fix the issue for me.
6 years 186 days ago
It just happened for the third time, so I am probably better off with mapping Swap-Weapons to another key permanently :-(