Bugged Attribute Heroic Achievements


I noticed that the following attribute heroic achievements were bugged. A couple of these are for all classes. 

1. Unburdended (actually shows 70/50)

2. Only War

3. Perfect Record (have now completed two without dying or failing any stage)

4. Scourged by war (the warp count on the other one is going up, this one bar doesn't budge)

I'll try to do the ten with only powers next to see if that is bugged or not...should crank the warp heat that way too..lol

On a side note, with the barrels and the stationary turrets being untargetable it is really going to do a number on a couple of assassin heroic attribute unlocks. 

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Bugged Attribute Heroic Achievements
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6 years 157 days ago
You can target the barrels and turrets if you hold SHIFT, which is annoying but im sure they will fix soon.
6 years 157 days ago
psychic retribution is busted as well. does not count the mission although using only powers on bar with melee staff out of melee range to make sure.